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Conditions of Eligibility 

Candidate must be a citizen of India or Bhutan. Subjects of Nepal and persons of Indian origin, migrated from specified countries with intention of permanently settling in India, are also eligible, subject to their having obtained a certificate from the Government of India. 


1.     Permanent Commission - Maximum age limit is 30, 31 and 32 years for MBBS graduates, Post graduate diploma holders and Post graduate degree holders respectively as on 31 December of the calendar year of application.

2.     Short Service Commission - Maximum age limit 45 years as on 31 December of the calendar year of application


Applicants must possess a medical qualification of an Indian University or a foreign medical qualification recognised by the Medical Council of India. They must also be registered with any of the State Medical Councils or equivalent registering authority.

An antedate of 2 years seniority for post graduate degree and 1 year for post graduate diploma recognised by the MCI and 6 months for a house job, done at a recognised hospital is given to fresh entrants. The list of recognised institutions and hospitals can be obtained from the office of the DGAFMS.

A doctor who has done a house job and also has a post graduate qualification will be eligible for a maximum antedate of 2 ½ year

Medical Fitness

Applicants must be medically fit as per prescribed standards for the Army (Refer to Appendix 'A').

Rank on Entry 

The rank granted on first appointment in the AMC will be as follows:-

(a) Capt (Equivalent rank in Navy and Air Force) - Where candidate is in possession of full Medical Registration certificate.

(b) Lt (Equivalent rank in Navy and Air Force) - If the candidate possesses provisional Medical Registration Certificate & has not completed compulsory pre-registration internship.


Promotion to next higher rank is subject to satisfactory service and fitness for the higher rank. The eligibility for such promotion is as under:-

(a) To Captain - from the date of eligibility for Permanent Registration after completion of prescribed internship partly or wholly in Armed Forces or from the date of commission whichever is later.

(b) To Major - After four years of reckonable service as Captain.

(c) To Lt. Colonel - On completion of 13 years reckonable service or on completion of 13 years service from the date of eligibility for permanent Registration whichever is later and satisfactory completion of junior officers command course.

(d) To Colonel and above upto Lt General - By Selection At present the number of posts authorised in different ranks from Col to Lt Gen are as under:- Rank Authorised Cadre 
i) Lt Gen 07 
ii) Maj Gen 25 
iii) Brig 96 
iv) Col 373 

Retirement Ages 

The ages of retirement are as under:_

(a) Lt Col and below - 56 years 
(b) Col - 58 years 
(c) Brig - 59 years 
(d) Maj Gen - 60 years 
(e) Lt Gen - 61 years or two years tenure which ever is earlier 
(f) DGAFMS - 62 years or three years tenure which ever is earlier

Retirement Benefits 

The minimum period of qualifying service actually required for earning retiring pension should be 20 years. The pension will be calculated at 50% of average reckonable emoluments (i.e. Basic Pay + Rank Pay +Non-Practicing allowances) drawn during the last 10 months of service for a maximum service of 33 years. SSC officers are not eligible for pension.

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Defunct Nasa satellite may crash over Indian Ocean

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Press Trust Of India
Washington, September 23, 2011

Russian space experts have forecast that the defunct six-tonne Nasa satellite, that is set to crash on the Earth soon, is likely to fall in the Indian Ocean.
According to data obtained by the Russian experts, the satellite may fall in the Indian Ocean, north of the Crozet Islands,
Russian news agency Itar-Tass quoted Space Forces spokesperson Alexei Zolotukhin as saying.
However, Nasa said it is too early to predict the exact crash site of the twenty-year-old Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) and six years after the end of its productive scientific life.

"It is too early to say exactly when UARS will re-enter and what geographic area may be affected, but Nasa is watching the satellite closely and will keep you informed," Nasa said on its website.

According to media reports, the $750-million satellite is expected to break into 26 large pieces before reaching the ground. The debris are likely to be scattered over around 800-kilometre area.
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Ex-armyman held for robbery links

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District police in Kolkata have picked up former armyman Uttam Mahato and taken him on seven-day remand to get a breakthrough in recent crimes like bank robberies in the town. Mahato, who hails from Baliapur in Jharkhand, lost his job in Bihar Regiment after he was found guilty in several criminal cases, including murder of an MLA.
Asansol-Durgapur police commissioner Ajay Kumar Nand said Mahato’s name has surfaced in bank dacoity cases. “We have picked up him for further interrogation that could give us some vital clues about the recent crimes in Asansol,” Nand said.
A brilliant student, Uttam studied at Sindhri College in Jharkhand and joined army in 1996. His mother-in-law is posted in the excise department. Uttam was posted at Bikaner in Rajasthan where he started to commit petty crimes. He and his colleague Jaswant Singh was found guilty in murder of local MLA Subodh Singh and was court-martialled in 1999. While in jail, he got associated with various criminals in the next five years and formed a gang thereafter. Few days back, Rs 15 lakh had been looted from an SBI ATM counter and Rs 14.70 lakh from United Bank of India’s Apcargarden branch in Asansol.
State CID is investigating both these cases and they suspect Mahato has link with both the crimes.


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India to deploy BrahMos missile to counter China’s threat

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New Delhi, Sept 23 : India would soon upgrade its military capabilities in its northeastern border with the induction of an advanced variant of the 290-km range supersonic cruise missile for mountain warfare to act a deterrent to China’s military ambitions.
The sanction for inducting a regiment of the Block III steep-dive variant of the BrahMos, has been recently approved by the Defence Acquisition Council  (DAC) meeting chaired by the Defence Minister, AK Antony. DAC is the apex decision making body of the Ministry. This move is slated to pave the way for induction of the fourth missile regiment in the army and is expected to enhance the lethality of army's firepower in the northeastern region.
BrahMos is a stealth supersonic cruise missile that can be launched from submarines, ships, aircraft or land and has been inducted in all the three services. This steep-dive attack cruise missile can hit enemy targets hidden in the shadows of mountains.
This preparedness comes at a time just before the two-day 1st India-China Strategic Economic Dialogue is scheduled to take place in Beijing from September 26. The Indian side will be led by the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, MS Ahluwalia. The Chinese side will be led by the Chairman, National Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Ping.
The strategic economic dialogue between the two countries was conceived during Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit to India in December 2010.
So far the Indian Army has inducted a total of three regiments already including two of the Block II variant, which can precisely hit the intended enemy building or assets even in a cluster of buildings.
With a view to counter China’s aggressive tendencies India has already deployed two squadrons of the Su-30 MKI fighter jet aircraft in Tezpur and Chhabua in Assam and raised two mountain divisions for deployment in Arunachal Pradesh and adjoining areas.
India is also developing over 70 strategic roads on the India-China border.
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