DNS Changer: Indian ISPs say all's fine

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Indian companies have taken precautions to keep the malware at bay. However, given the time zone difference between India and the US, the actual effect of the malware will be known in the next 24 to 48 hours
Pankaj Maru
Monday, July 09, 2012

MUMBAI, INDIA: As the devastating malware DNS Changer becomes active today to disrupt Internet services and computing devices globally, Indian Internet service providers (ISPs) are geared up to protect IT infrastructure, networks, devices and safeguard customers.

For instance, Mumbai-based Tikona Digital Networks (TDN) has been closely observing the malware for the past six months since it was first reported by FBI last November.

According to Tarun Kumar, Tikona's CTO, from January onwards the company's technical team has been thoroughly scanning and monitoring all internal IT infrastructure, networks as well as devices supplied to customers such as modems, routers and Wi-Fi routers.

“So far we haven't found or detected any infection from the malware on our devices and networks. In case, if there's any infected device, our system will automatically stop Internet service to that device and henceforth it will restrict malware spared to other computing devices,” Kumar says.

“Besides, we have given free anti-virus to all our subscribers to effectively encounter the malware attack but so far there are no complaints or reports from users on the impact of DNS Changer. And our technical teams are closely monitoring our networks and equipment round the clock,” Kumar adds.

While Chennai-based Mural Venkatesan, Sify's product specialist – Security, points out that most enterprises and service providers in India follow a very stringent enterprise security procedures.

“We are following all security procedures and deployed security solutions such as anti-malware, anti-spam and others protection tools. Besides, we are monitoring 24x7 our networks for malware infections and DDoS but there are no reports for DNS Changer infecting our customers,” Venkatesan says.

Interestingly, Venkatesan stresses that besides the IT, ITeS and BPO industry, which are well-equipped with IT security solutions and procedures, even the end-users of computers and Internet today have the basic knowledge and understanding of virus and malware in India.

 “Depending on basic knowledge and understanding, to an extent users are using security products such free anti-virus to protect against malware attacks,” Venkatesan adds.

Similarly, Mumbai-based Broadband Pacenet India Pvt Ltd, a part of DigiCable, has also strengthened its Internet security against the DNS Changer malware. Mukundan Raghavan, Broadband Pacenet's general manager – Technical, said that the main DNS security threats include Foot-printing, Redirection, Data Modification and Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS).

“To curb such threats we have incorporated DNS security into our DNS namespace design, reviewed the default DNS Server service security settings and applied Active Directory security features on the DNS Server service which is running on a domain controller,” says Raghavan.

“We also reviewed the default DNS zone security settings, applied secure dynamic updates and Active Directory security features, along with the DNS resource records,” explains Raghavan.

Further, Raghavan adds that their technical team is constantly monitoring the networks and Internet gateways and the company has sent SMSes to customers asking to use anti-virus or security products.

Given the well-preparedness, most ISPs believe the impact of DNS Changer malware will be less in India compared to the US and other developed countries.

 “We don't see immediate impact of the malware directing the users to rouge DNS and are not pressing the panic button as we haven't seen or heard such complaints from users. But will have to wait for next 2 or 3 days to see if there was any impact,” says Venkatesan.

Even Kumar, confidently says, “We don't see any impact today or tomorrow or in coming days as we are monitoring the situation regularly.”

However, Prashant Mali, advocate and cyber security expert observers, “Corporates which have web centric business would be the most to be impacted along with portals related to information, government and e-commerce websites would be affected and can cause problems to Indian IT users.”

Given the time zone difference between India and the US, the actual aftermath of DNS Changer malware will be known known in coming days and the next 24 to 48 hours are going to be very crucial for the ISPs and the Internet ecosystem, including its vast population of Internet users world over.

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Why Lt Col Purohit's case may have the Army searching for cover

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Mumbai: After a court of inquiry conducted in Mumbai, the Army has to decide whether there are enough grounds to dismiss Lt Col Prasad Purohit, who is in Taloja Jail, near Navi Mumbai. For the Army, the case is full of grey areas. Lt Col Purohit has been charged by Maharashtra's Anti-Terror Squad of belonging to extreme right-wing extremist group Abhinav Bharat, which allegedly planted a bomb in the state's Malegaon town in September 2008, killing six people. 

Lt Col Purohit has always claimed that he had kept his bosses in the loop on every intelligence operation that he undertook including infiltrating into the fledgling Abhinav Bharat.

Lt Col Purohit says he infiltrated the group because that was his job as a Military Intelligence officer.
The Army says that's not correct. But there are documents that show that Lt Col  Purohit had earlier shared close ties with the Students Islamic Movement of India or SIMI, banned in 2001 as a terrorist organisation. An Annual Confidential Report (ACR)in NDTV's possession has a senior officer praising Lt Col  Purohit. "The officer has infiltrated the SIMI and other underground outfits in the region through his capabilities and go-getter attitude.

Dependable, Lt Col Purohit is a good team player." A year later,  a similar report said,  "...with the basic knowledge of Arabic language and Islamic culture, he provided valuable int (intelligence) on Tabliq-e-Jamat and MFO (Muslim Fundamentalist Organisations) which was well appreciated by the environment...."

The Army has, however, refused to respond to NDTV's queries on these reports, raising this question:  Does the Army go beyond its mandate in keeping under-cover tabs on organisations even in non-combat areas?

Lt. Gen RK Sawhney (retd), a former DG of Military Intelligence puts it in perspective: "Basically only in insurgency areas, Army goes ahead and does this job. There are not very clear cut rules .. there are grey areas when deployed in peace areas but if a piece of intelligence is available there are ways to share it and coordinate with other agencies."

The Army will have to explain that while Lt Col Purohit's infiltration of organisations like SIMI was officially recognised, how did his activities in fraternising with right-wing groups go unnoticed?


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OROP as viewed by Gp Capt Gandhi

, by indianmilitaryveterans

Dear veterans

Some veterans have expressed the view that time has come to take a look at veterans agitation for OROP. Veterans have expressed their concern that the holding rallies, medal returns to the President and sending memorandums to the Govt has had very little effect on the Govt.

While it is true that OROP has yet not been sanctioned by the Govt for the veterans, but agitations spearheaded by the IESM has given dividends in the form of increased pension for our JCOs and ORs. Full parity in pension for all is yet to be achieved. Once OROP is given to veterans all veterans would draw equal pension for same rank and same length of service.

I would like to confirm that agitation spearheaded by IESM has paid dividends as enumerated below OROP has been brought in center stage of the nation. Definition of OROP is now known to all. Govt which was wrongly quoting grant of OROP has now realized that it can not fool veterans by making incorrect statements on the floor of parliament.

Many state Govt have unanimously passed resolution supporting OROP for the veterans. Govt is on back foot and has sent requests to IESM not to return any more medals. Parliamentary committee on defense headed by Sh Satpal ji Maharaj and members of all parties have unanimously recommended OROP for veterans.

Sh Rajeev Chandrashekhar and other MsP have been raising grant of OROP in both the houses of Parliament.

Many parties have openly supported grant of OROP at various forums. Rajya Sabha had ordered a committee headed by Sh Bhagat Singh Kothiari. The committee had members from all parties. This committee had heard all the section of society and the Govt view also and had recommended OROP for the veterans. The committee went a step further and negated all the reasons given by Govt. ATR by the Govt on the recommendation of this committee is still pending. IESM is making all out efforts to get this report at the earliest.

Presidents of opposition parties have written to PM for grant of OROP for veterans. However despite above efforts Govt is still not inclined to grant OROP for the veterans and is taking refuge under the pretext that they would like to grant OROP in steps. This is not acceptable to veterans and IESM. IESM is inclined to do brain storming at this stage and is looking for better ideas and dynamic veterans to join in protests and agitations and even to lead them.

Request For Out of the box Solution and volunteers to Lead There is no doubt that veterans need to step up the agitation to ensure that the Government listens and accedes to our demands. IESM believes that its views are not the last word in planning an agitation, secondly its plan is not final word and thirdly modus operandi of agitation can definitely be improved to make it more effective. This is the reason IESM has always been requesting veteran community to give practical suggestions and also take a step forward to lead the agitations in a more effective manner. IESM would be more than keen to follow the group of veterans who would like to lead the agitation with their suggested out of the box solution, and hope that the suggested solution would be more effective and would help shake the Government to accede to veterans' demands. IESM is suggesting this as it believes in brain storming and that every suggestion needs to be considered on its merits and its pros and cons discussed in detail. IESM has only one request that please do not give only solutions but take a step forward to Join/lead veterans in making the agitation more effective. TOGETHER WE CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS BUT INDIVIDUALLY WE ARE ZERO, ALL VETERANS ARE REQUESTED TO JOIN IN THIS STRUGGLE AND MAKE THE STRUGGLE MORE EFFECTIVE SO THAT THE GOVERNMENT ACCEDES TO OUR JUST AND RIGHTFUL DEMANDS.


Power of Unity

It is time to put more pressure on the politicians so that they accede to veterans' just demand of OROP and treat the veterans with more respect. All veterans should understand the power of unity and the effect it would have on political scene if we use it more effectively. Time has now come to forget our local leanings and local issues and to take a vow that VETERANS WOULD UNITEDLY WOULD NOT VOTE FOR THE PARTY WHICH REFUSES TO GIVE US OROP AND WHICH DOES NOT CARE FOR ITS SOLDIERS AND VETERANS. SOLDIERS PROUDLY SACRIFICE THEIR LIFE FOR THE COUNTRY SO THAT CITIZEN LEAD A LIFE OF PROSPERITY. HOW CAN WE PERMIT POLITICIANS TO LIVE A POMPOUS LIFE WHEN THEY DO NOT CARE FOR A SOLDIER/VETERAN? IT IS A WAKE UP CALL FOR ALL VETERANS TO JOIN TOGETHER AND MAKE IT A COMBINED FIGHT TO GET OUR DEMANDS.

Power of Vote

There are 23 lacs veterans 11 lac serving soldiers (total no is 34 lacs ) spread over the country. Some parts of the country have dense population of veterans and soldiers while other parts of country have very less density of veterans. Every veterans has power to influence at-least 10 votes that of his close family and friends. This means together we can influence 34*10 = 340 lacs or 3.4 crore votes. And with the proper study of distribution of the veterans and soldiers density, together veterans can influence the result of close to 40 to 45 parliamentary constituencies. It is surprising that veterans are begging the Government to give us OROP with so much of power in hand. WAKE UP SOLDIER AND USE YOUR VOTE DECISIVELY ALL OUR DEMAND WOULD BE MET BY THE POLITICAL PARTIES. LEARN ABOUT YOUR VOTE POWER AND USE IT MORE EFFECTIVELY. IT IS YOU AND YOUR VOTE WHICH WILL DECIDE THE COMPOSITION OF THE NEXT GOVERNMENT . EVERY VETERANS HAS POWER TO DECIDE HIS OWN FUTURE ONLY REQUIREMENT IS THAT VETERANS VOTE TOGETHER IN A BLOCK.


Veterans' conclave

Veterans are requested to give their views on the plan to vote as a block. Based on views of environment and the other associations of the veterans across the country,IESM intends to plan a conclave of veterans sometime in near future to harness voting power of veterans and how to use it effectively to increase veterans' influence in formation of Govt favorably placed to veterans.

WAKE UP VETERANS, UNITED WE WILL WIN. साथी हाथ बढ़ाना साथी रे एक अकेला थक जाएगा मिल कर हाथ बढ़ाना साथी रे साथी हाथ बढ़ाना साथी रे


Gp Capt VK Gandhi VSM Gen Sec IESM L - 48, Sector - 25, NOIDA. 201301 Tele no 01204313951 Mobile 09810541222 Pls see IESM latest NEWS on IF YOU SEE SOMEONE WITHOUT A SMILE GIVE HIM ONE OF YOURS.


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New Timings for Booking Tatkal Tickets from 10th July 2012

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Railway Administration Making Local Arrangements to Implement New Tatkal Booking Timings

The Ministry of Railways has further streamlined the delivery of tickets under Tatkal Scheme and the new amendment in the scheme will come into effect from tomorrow i.e. 10th July 2012 (Tuesday). Under the new amendment the booking of Tatkal tickets will start at 10.00 hours on the previous day of journey from train originating station instead of 0800 hours at present. For example, if a train is to depart from the originating station on the 2nd of the month, the Tatkal quota booking both through Internet (IRCTC Website) and reservation counters for that particular train shall open at 1000 hours on the 1st of the month. In addition, it has also been decided that no authorised agents, including agents of IRCTC and RTSAs/RTAs will be allowed to book Tatkal tickets from 1000 hours to 1200 hours from counters as well as from Internet.

At the Zonal Railway and the Divisional Railway level, the local Railway administration is also making arrangements at the reservation counters for orderly implementation of the amendment in the scheme like segregation of Tatkal buyers through separate queues, separate counters etc. as per the local requirement and feasibility. The travelling public is being informed about the new arrangements through Press Releases, Press Advertisements, Announcements and Notice Boards. Moreover, installation of CCTVs in all major booking centres to monitor any unusual activities, inspection of the reservation centres by the senior officers, display of helpline numbers for complaints, raids by the vigilance squads are some of the measures being taken to prevent misuse of Tatkal facility. The requirement of indicating Mobile number of the passenger in the application form is also being insisted to cross verify the genuineness of the passenger.

These new measures are in addition to the previously taken measures to revamp Tatkal system from November 2011. In November 2011, the following measures were introduced to reduce/minimize the possibility of booking of tickets by touts/miscreants and which are still continuing:

1. Advance Reservation Period of Tatkal scheme was reduced from two days excluding the day of journey to one day excluding the day of journey.
2. Refunds are not granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets except in case of special circumstances like late running of train by more than three hours, cancellation of trains etc.
3. Duplicate Tatkal tickets are not issued under normal circumstances. In exceptional cases Duplicate Tatkal tickets can be issued on payment of full fare including Tatkal charges.
4. Tatkal tickets are issued only on production of self attested photocopy of one of the 9 prescribed proofs of Identity mentioned in the scheme, at the computerised Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counter. While booking e-ticket, the passenger has to indicate the number of identity card in the system. The passenger is required to carry the same proof of Identity during the journey.
5. A restriction of booking of a maximum of four passengers per PNR on Tatkal ticket has been imposed.

The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), a Public Sector Undertaking of Ministry of Railways which manages Railways e-ticketing website namely has also implemented following additional steps to streamline Tatkal ticket bookings:

1. High capacity Database servers have been installed.
2. Internet Bandwidth has been increased from 344 mbps to 450 mbps
3. Single user registration on one e-mail ID with email verification has been implemented.
4. Mobile validation of users and single user registration on one mobile number has been implemented.
5. Web service agents have been permitted to book only one Tatkal ticket per train per day on internet after 12.00 A.M.
6. Individual users are permitted to book only two tickets between 10.00 A.M. to 12.00 A.M.
7. Only two tickets can be booked per IP address between 10-12 AM. IP address check has helped in preventing multiple bookings from same office complex/internet café etc. This also helps in facilitating bookings by genuine users and prevents bookings for commercial gains.
8. Single session per user ID check has been implemented. With this step, a user on will be able to open his account for booking of e-tickets only once. Multiple sessions with single user ID cannot be opened thereby enabling maximum users to access website and reduce congestion.
9. Captcha has been put and strengthened for booking in the ‘Plan My Travel’ to check fraudulent booking through automation software.
(CAPTCHAs is a technology used in attempts to prevent automated software from performing actions which degrade the quality of service of a given system)
10. Quick Book Option and Cash Cards option has been stopped between 10.00 A.M. to 12.00 A.M.
11. An IT-Anti Fraud Squad has been created at Internet Ticketing Centre to detect cases of fraud and fraudulent activity and also for constant cyberspace surveillance to detect possible threats to the system.
12. Upon receipt of complaint against the sub-agent, the user –id is deactivated and the sub-agent is black-listed. The details of the black-listed agent are put on the IRCTC website. All the Principal Agents have been instructed not to take on such black-listed agents.
13. For any complaint, against the e-ticket agents, one may contact (011-23745962) or (011-39340000)
14. The Ministry of Railways has also initiated steps to augment e-ticket handling capacity of its website through short term and long term measures. Both IRCTC and CRIS are working jointly in this direction. Due to these steps, the present e-ticket capacity will increase from existing about 3.5 lakh bookings to around 5 lakh bookings per day in about four months period in the short term which will further be increased to about 8 lakh bookings per day in the long term plan.

(Release ID :85246)


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Who will spring to Army’s defense this time?

, by indianmilitaryveterans

Colonel Kulbir Singh, who was arrested by the CBI in this job scam, was the Commandant’s staff officer. CBI raids at the officers and tours yielded Rs 1.85 crore.  The Government was also forced to remove NDA Commandant Lt General Jatinder Singh last week to ensure free and fair probe by the CBI in the scandal.
The alleged involvement of officers of the rank of Major Generals and Brigadiers in corruption in recent cases of ration supply to troops in Kashmir and canteen stores in Mumbai has alarmed the higher echelons of the Defence Ministry and military bureaucracy.
Army Chief General Bikram Singh last weekend assured that “nothing will be brushed under the carpet” with regard to corruption cases but insisted that the Army will scrupulously follow the rulebook to take action against officers found guilty.
While the Adarsh Society scandal hogged limelight, this  year started with the sensational claim by the then army chief VK Singh about the bribe offer made to him in his office by former Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) chief Lt General Tejinder Singh regarding the Tatra trucks. Tejinder has filed a defamation case against VK Singh for levelling allegations that he offered bribe to the Army Chief.
Defence Minister AK Antony was grilled in Parliament about the issue as VK Singh had informed him about the bribe offer and the Minister did not take action. Antony informed Parliament that VK Singh did not pursue the matter and did not give anything in writing and therefore, Antony was not able to proceed. The CBI is now investigating the case.
While this issue had barely died down, VK Singh issued a showcause notice to 3 Corps Commander Lt General Dalbir Suhag about a case in Assam where troops under Suhag’s command allegedly looted a military contractor.
Suhag, who is likely to become Army Chief after Bikram retires, was also issued a discipline and vigilance (DV) ban in late May when he was about to take over as the new Eastern Command chief.
This case also pertained to the so-called laxity by senior officers like Suhag and two Colonel rank officers in ensuring discipline and preventing troops from harassing civilians and extorting money while operating in sensitive areas like Assam. However, the DV ban against Suhag was removed after Bikram took over as the Army Chief on June 1. Suhag is now heading the Eastern Command.
While Bikram was taking stock of state of affairs in the Army, a Major General of the Northern Command came under the scanner in late June for allegedly accepting a bribe from a contractor.
In charge of all Army supplies including rations to troops fighting militants and guarding the Line of Control (LOC) besides manning Siachen Glacier, Major General VK Sharma, Army Supply Corps (ASC), was caught red-handed and a court of inquiry was ordered into allegations of financial impropriety.
The quality of food supplied to soldiers in the Northern Command had also come under the scanner in 2010 after an audit report revealed that troops were getting food that was unfit for human consumption, and past its expiration date.
While the report had examined food samples from across the country, most cases of violation of norms and unfit food pertained to the Northern Command. The CAG hinted at a large-scale rigging of prices by pointing out that 36 per cent of cases of procurement of fresh rations were based only on single quotations, taking away any scope of competitiveness.
July saw the CBI arresting a serving Brigadier on July 3 in Mumbai in an alleged graft case. The officer, Anuj Kainthla, joint general manager of Canteen Stores Department (CSD), was nabbed for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 7.5 lakh from a private company, Sankalp Consumer Products.
Kainthla is the fifth person to be arrested in the scam and officials said the company was allegedly favoured by CSD officials at various stages such as introduction of items, price revision, delayed and excess supply, demand creation and budget allocation of CSD in lieu of huge illegal gratifications to CSD officials.
A Brigadier rank officer was also facing a court of inquiry in Delhi for allegedly borrowing large sums of money from his subordinates and some contractors and not returning it. Brigadier LI Singh’s case came to light in June when some his juniors from whom he had borrowed money complained to higher authorities and the Army ordered a probe.
 Besides these recent cases, a CBI probe is on in the alleged no-objection given for transfer of defence land in Pune in 2010 to a builder. The involvement of the then Vice Chief Lt General Noble Thamburaj had cropped up in this connection. He was reportedly allotted a flat in the housing society constructed by the builder, who was given the land and there was a loss of more than Rs 20 crore.
 Similarly, a no-objection certificate for a piece of land adjacent to an Ordnance depot in Kandivli, Mumbai, was given by certain Major General rank officers to a builder for construction of flats. The CBI started investigations in late 2010 into the deal and reports indicated that at least six senior Army officers including a former Army Chief were allotted flats in that housing society.
 Given the number of cases involving senior officers hitting headlines, former Navy Chief Admiral L Ramdas wrote a letter to Prime Minister last Friday expressing concern over “continuing fall in ethical standards” in the Armed Forces and sought setting up of a commission to probe the recent controversies surrounding them.
 In the letter, the former Navy Chief said the recent controversies have adversely affected the morale of the forces, which could pose a serious threat to the national security.
“With the continuing fall in ethical standards at all levels in the country, including within the Armed Forces, we believe it is our duty and right to call your attention to these developments,” Ramdas said.
 Listing out the age row involving former Army Chief General VK Singh, leakage of his ‘top secret’ letter to the Prime Minister, alleged spying in Defence Ministry and corruption in military deals, he said “this situation must be addressed with urgency, because it could pose a serious threat to our national security.” The letter claimed support of retired Lieutenant Generals PC Katoch, OS Lochab, Major General Ashok Kalyan Verma and former Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalaswami.
Who will spring to Army’s defense this time?


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DISTRICT NEWS | ராணுவ வீரர்கள் தேர்வு Dinamalar

, by indianmilitaryveterans

DISTRICT NEWS | ராணுவ வீரர்கள் தேர்வு Dinamalar


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