Cabinet approves construction of National War Memorial

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Indian Military Veterans
Cabinet approves construction of National War Memorial
The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, today approved the construction of a National War Memorial and a National War Museum at Princess Park, near India Gate, New Delhi in memory of all Indian soldiers who have made the supreme sacrifice for the country post-independence.

The estimated cost of the project will be around Rs. 500 crore and the total time for completion of the entire project is estimated to be five years.

Post-Independence, more than 22,500 soldiers have made the supreme sacrifice in national interests and in defence of the sovereignty and integrity of the country. However, even after 69 years of Independence, no memorial to commemorate the martyrs has been constructed till date. With the present decision of the Cabinet a long pending demand of the Armed Forces has been redressed.

It has been decided that the prestigious project will be monitored by an empowered Steering Committee chaired by Defence Secretary and assisted by a dedicated project management team, to ensure that the proposed project is completed within scheduled time frame, Post commissioning, a management body will be formed for maintenance of the National War Memorial and Museum.

This government will be establishing a War Memorial and a Museum with a deep sense of gratitude to honour those brave soldiers, who laid down their lives. The memorial will promote a sense of patriotism in the minds of visitors, and will award an opportunity to citizens of this vast nation, to express their token sense of gratitude to the brave soldiers, who laid down their lives for the mother land.

While their final movements, would have gone unnoticed and on occasions their final resting place unknown, this museum will capture those poignant moments in history and bring out the variegated nature of their commitments.

Their dedication, this government feels is a part of unfinished work in nation building. This Government resolves with all its humility at its command that they did not die in vain and that Bharat Mata is enriched by their contribution. A visit to the memorial shall inspire us to rededicate ourselves to this great nation with utmost devotion.

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Ex-servicemen plan to return medals to PM

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Indian Military Veterans
Major General (retd.) Satbir Singh who is part of the OROP agitation, displays medals that ex-servicemen have given to be returned to the government. Photo: Manoj Kumar
Major General (retd.) Satbir Singh who is part of the OROP agitation, displays medals that ex-servicemen have given to be returned to the government. Photo: Manoj Kumar

‘It will send a message to country that assurances have not been fulfilled’

Thousands of gallantry medals may be returned to the government soon, if veterans who have been protesting the delay in the implementation of the one rank one pension policy have their way.
Ex-servicemen, who have been on a relay hunger strike since June at Jantar Mantar, will be asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi to meet them and take back 10,000 medals as a mark of protest. Though the government announced on September 5 that OROP would be implemented, the protesting veterans said there were seven major flaws in the plan.
Major General (retd.) Satbir Singh, who has been leading the agitation as an adviser to the United Front of Ex-Servicemen, said on Tuesday that they would be writing to the Prime Minister seeking appointment.
“Over the past year, 10,000 medals have been sent or given to us by ex-servicemen across India. We will be asking the Prime Minister for time so that we can return the medals to him. The apathy of the government has left us with no other choice,” said Maj. Gen. Singh.
He said that in the past disgruntled ex-soldiers had returned their medals to the President, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.
“But, this time we want to give the medals to the Prime Minister, as it was he who promised during the election campaign that we would get OROP. Returning the medals will send a message to the entire country that assurances given have not been fulfilled,” said Maj. Gen. Singh.
The veterans said the government had not issued the notification to implement OROP, which it said would do so within a month of the announcement on September 5.
Fast by women
Meanwhile, Tuesday marked a first in the 114 days of the relay hunger strike at Jantar Mantar with only women family members of the veterans observing fast.
Sudesh Gohat, wife of Major (retd.) Ajmer Singh, said it was the plight of widows of veterans that made her join the agitation.
“Talking to widows of soldiers, who have to survive on Rs. 3,500 per month as pension, moved me. Then, my husband told me that crying would not help and we must fight for our rights. After that, I have decided to join the protest till the Prime Minister gives us true OROP,” said Ms. Gohat.
Every Tuesday will now be a “ladies day” at Jantar Mantar with women family members of veterans observing a hunger strike, said Maj. Gen. Singh.


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Indian Military Veterans

Voice of ex-servicemen society team met Hon. Defence Minister, Mr.Manohar Parrikar and the following are the discussions and responses:-

1. We raised the issue of VRS and sought clarification - Minister clarified that the issue was not never related to Jawan JCOs, it pertains to officers only.

2. On revision of of Pension every 5 Years, Minister explained that Army has agreed for the same in writing so there is no change possible.

3. We raised issues of group wise segregation of pension for Jawans, which is not paret of the definition of OROP as passed by parliament. In our argument, we brought out that Officers both technical and non technical get same pension, why discriminate for jawans - Minister said that other officer organisation accepted this division of Group X and Y. Also it would further cost 600 cr. to club them together. Hence not possible to club them at this point. - Our response is we will continue and intensify our fight.

4. We raised equal MSP and 75% pension issues - Minster responded that the same will be part of 7th Pay commission, where as our stand was to treat it as part of 6th Pay commission - Our Stand is the we will explore both legal and agitational modes to fight for our right.

5. Various other discrimination issues: We raised other discrimination issues like sevadari system, CSD and Reservations for officers in all DGR posts.- Minister responded that we can have more detailed meeting on these issues at a future date. 

Over all, Voice of ESM Society, considers this meeting as path breaking and a giant step towards elimination of discrimination. Though no immediate results neither expected nor assured - we believe this progress will take Jawan JCO issues to fore front and policy makers ' agenda.

Varadarajan National Vice-President

Kindly note that in a reliable video I learnt that it was Def Min who made the noting that other Paramilitary personnel could ask 'OROP' in the file sent to PM.

It is evident that COAS and Def Min are not innocent as made out to be.

We need to get the notification on OROP and file a writ in SC for all deficiencies in it.

With best regards,

PS Nath
Naval Veteran
(Lt Cdr PS Nath, Hyderabad)



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Indian Military Veterans


UNITED FRONT OF EX -SERVICEMEN                             

Dear Friends,

1.  Govt has not yet implemented OROP which had been sanctioned by two parliaments, By UPA Govt on 17 Feb 2014 and by NDA Govt in its Budget in June 2014. President in his addresses to both houses of Parliament included implementation of OROP as priority action.

2. However, UPA Govt allotted only Rs 500 Crs and NDA only 1000 Crs whereas the amount required was Rs 8000 – 9000 Crs.

3. Today is 114th day of our Protest Movement at Jantar Mantar and at many other locations in the country.

4. On 5th Sep 2015, the Govt announced implementation of OROP but the statement made by RM has created more apprehensions in the mind of Defence Fraternity regarding the intention of the Govt to implement OROP as per the approved definition without any dilution.

5. In order to inform the people of the Country, we have initiated “Social media War” through all available mediums since the Govt seems to have gagged the Press both print and electronic since our Rally at Jantar Mantar New Delhi on 12 Sep 2015.

6. In addition, we have decided to conduct Rallies all over the Country.  Rallies have been held at Dehradun, Nagpur, Ambala, Agra, Gurdaspur, Khanna, NOIDA, Vadodra.  Largely attended and covered Press Conf has been held on 04 Oct 2015 at Patna.  Another Rally is being held at Hamirpur in HP on 08 Oct 2015.  A Sangrash Rally has been planned to be held at Jalandhar on 18 Oct 2015 from 10.30 hrs to 14.30 hrs.  During this Rally, we wish to showcase solidarity of the retired defence fraternity.

7.  All ESM are requested to attend Jalandhar Rally in large number and make it an historic Rally with Grand Success.
9.   Rallies have also been planned in Bombay, TN, MP, AP and KK.

10.  The above activities and more are being conducted across the Country to inform the people about the grave injustice being done to the Defence Fraternity.

11. Friends, spread the message of Punjab Rally across the Country to ensure that a very large number attends.

12.    Treat this letter as most urgent for action.


With Regards,   
Yours Sincerely,
Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM (Retd)                                                                                   
Advisor United Front of Ex Servicemen Chairman IESM                                                                                                                      
Mobile: 9312404269, 0124-4110570                                  

(source- via e-mail)        


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Seventh Pay Commission will be 'mindful' of government's fiscal burden, says finance ministry

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Indian Military Veterans

Finance Ministry

India's new Finance Minister Arun Jaitley sits inside his office at the finance ministry in New Delhi May 27, 2014.Reuters
The Union finance ministry said on Monday that the Seventh Pay Commission will be aware of the government's fiscal problems while making recommendations on salary hikes to about 48 lakh Central government employees and 55 lakh pensioners.
In August, the Union cabinet had extended the deadline for the Seventh Pay Commission to submit its recommendations by four months, to 31 December.
The Commission, headed by Justice AK Mathur, is expected to recommend a 40% hike in salaries, according to an analyst at global financial services firm Credit Suisse.
"We have communicated our concerns with regard to sustainability of public expenditure to Pay Commission. I am sure the members and chairman of the commission are aware of and will be sensitive to our concerns," PTI quoted, Finance secretary Ratan Watal, as saying.
Watal said that the report submitted by the Commission would be "scrutinised by a secretariat to be set up in the Finance Ministry." The fiscal burden for the government from implementing the recommendations will be felt from the next financial year, he added.
In August, the Finance Ministry estimated that the Central government's expenditure on employees' salaries to rise by nearly 16% to Rs 1.16 lakh crore in the financial year 2016-17 upon the implementation of the recommendations of Seventh Pay Commission. He added that the recommendations would not have much on the government's fiscal position in the current financial year although they will be implemented from January 1, 2016.
Earlier in August, an official with the Commission told Livemint that the Commission would like to keep the retirement age of Central government employees unchanged at 60 years. "If we lower the age limit, the pension burden will bust the government's medium-term fiscal targets," he had said.
Source :
Article Published: October 6, 2015 14:54 IST


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