OROP row: Govt forms new commission, veterans reject it

, by indianmilitaryveterans

Narendra Modi government seems to have finally heard the voices of one rank, one pension(OROP) activists protesting at Delhi's Jantar Mantar. The government has announced it will form a single-member commission to do away with the shortcomings of OROP. The commission will be announced by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar in December. The step has been taken after directions from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, veterans have rejected the one-man commission describing it as government's delaying tactics.  Instead of the one-man commission, veterans have demanded a 5-men committee which will include members from three services Army, Air Force and the Navy and one serving member and one nominated member by defence minister. Also Read | Let veterans prove OROP row is not politically motivated: Manohar Parrikar This is after some OROP activists refused to end their strike even after the announcement of one rank one pension by the government. A segment of OROP activists have continued their agitation despite the new pension system for defence personnel being notified on November 7.  Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar had earlier said that it was impossible to satisfy everyone. He further stressed that the commission formed to look into the objections that the retired defence officers have raised over OROP is being looked into by a special commission. "Core issue have been addressed. The commission will look into problems if any. This is a democracy, everyone has the right to demand. We have fulfilled the main demand, but we can't satisfy everyone," Parrikar had said. Also Read | No more tweaking in OROP, says Manohar Parrikar The government rolled out the OROP scheme for military veterans before Diwali but some of the sticking points remained unaddressed apart from dropping of the contentious clause like excluding the existing lot of those who were on voluntary retirement from the benefit There are 3 main bones of contention: Veterans wanted equalisation of pension every year. But the government has notified that it would happen only once in five years. Veterans wanted the revised pensions to be fixed at the maximum of the current pension, whereas, the government has pegged it to the current average. OROP activists wanted the commission looking into their grievances to comprise ex-servicemen and those currently serving in the armed forces. But the government appointed a judicial commission.


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