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Central pay commission leaves disabled soldiers in the lurch

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Brig. (Retired) Atul Nagpal
7th Pay CommissionThe armed forces are upset with the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) for relying upon inadequate and selective data to arrive at inaccurate and skewed analysis on the issue of disability pension for its personnel.
Defence forces had sought removal of the Neither Attributable Nor Aggravated (NANA) clause applicable to its personnel. On the basis of this highly controversial clause a soldier is denied disability element in his pension if the injury sustained by an individual is declared NANA by service conditions. This holds good even in cases of sustaining severe injuries on account of which an individual may get invalided out of service.
A person thus invalidated and placed under the category of NANA is denied the benefit of any kind of pension if he has less than 10 years of service.  In case he has service more than 10 years then he is granted pension but denied the disability award.

Anomalies in 7th CPC recommendations will alienate defence personnel

Indian Military Veterans

Jaibans Singh
7 CPCThere is no end in sight to the frustrating and debilitating face-off between the armed forces and the bureaucracy on the critical aspect of pay, emoluments and stature of the former. By continuously riding rough shod on the demands of the soldiers, the bureaucracy has created a huge trust deficit. The sad part is that it is doing nothing to bridge the gap. The bureaucracy and the government do not even extend the courtesy of joining a debate on the issues of contention and presenting its point of view in an open and transparent manner. Such obduracy only adds to the problem.
The anomalies left behind by the 6th Pay Commission have yet not been resolved that the problems that will erupt if and when the recommendations of the 7th central Pay Commission (CPC) are implemented are already being discussed in the public domain.

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A mail from Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd) - Welfare of Ex servicemen

Indian Military Veterans

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,
1.    Many Ex-Servicemen and Family Pensioners complain that they have not received pension arrears due to them by their banks from Jan 2006 to Jun 2009 (for JCOs,OR and Family pensioners) on issue of Circular 547 and from Jan 2006 to 23 Sep 2012 for Officers and Single ladies of Officers. I took up this case with Joint Secretary, Min of Def (ESW) who advised me to compile all such cases and send them to her so that she can issue suitable instructions to the banks.
2.     I regret to inform that only 22 ESMs and Family Pensioners have given me their particulars. I cannot believe that only few were left out. Also I cannot wait indefinitely. So I set a target date of 15 Apr 2016 by which time I shall send the list of Pensioner not got Pension arrears as mentioned above.
3.    I have already given the format in which affected pensioner is to send me the details. I am attaching the same for late latifs.
4.      After 15 Apr 2016 please do not approach me with the same problem.
5.     Please disseminate this to all your friends, course-mates, NDA/IMA/ACC sqn /Coy types or course types, regimental friends etc who might not have got arrears as mentioned above. Pl also disseminate in your own group mail as many would  not have received my mail sent earlier. This is the least you can do to our own brothers and sisters.
Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)
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Management Training for Retiring Defence Personnel

Indian Military Veterans

Approximately, 55,000 personnel retire annually from the armed forces. Government is providing training to the armed forces personnel before their retirement. The details of training provided by Government to armed forces personnel including Short Service Commissioned officers is as under:
Officers’ Training:
• 24 Weeks Management Courses at IIMs and other reputed B-Schools
• Modular management courses like Project Finance, Academic Institutions, Supply Chain, Retail, Six Sigma, Seafaring etc.
• Newly introduced courses for 2015-16 like Strategic Retail Management, HRM, Facility, Transition, Export and Import, Event Management etc., Corporate Social Responsibility and Jet Transition.
ICOs / ORs and Equivalents’ Training at Institutes:
• Security, Fire & Industrial Safety, Computer & IT including ‘O’ Level, Hospitality, Tourism, Agri based, Business Management, Modular Management, Vocational & Technical, Medical & Healthcare, Library & Information Science, Legal Assistant etc.
• Newly introduced courses for 2015-16 like Logistics & Transport Management, Retailing & Showroom, Corporate Office, Material management, Marine Engineering etc.
Courses at Regimental Centres:
Apart from the above mentioned training programmes at Institutes at least two courses are conducted every month at all the Regimental Centres to provide variety of courses to the retirees on pension drill.Indian Institutes of Management Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Indore are conducting 24 weeks Management Courses regularly for Armed Forces personnel, which help them in taking up employment at managerial levels.
This information was given by Minister of State for Defence Rao Inderjit Singh in a written reply to ShriMeghraj Jain in Rajya Sabha today.
Source: PIB News

Reviewing Pay and Allowances of Armed Forces Personnel

Indian Military Veterans

The Government entrusted the task to a Pay Commission in 1973, at the time of setting up of 3rd Central Pay Commission. The Government had set up a Post War Pay Committee in 1947, a departmental pay committee (Raghuramiah Committee) during 1959-60 and another Departmental Committee in 1967 for review of pay and allowances of Defence Forces Personnel. There was general discontentment amongst the Services with respect to the recommendations of these Committees. Thereafter, the Government decided to entrust the examination of structure of emoluments, including benefits in cash and kind and death cum retirement benefits of the Armed Forces to the 3rd Central Pay Commission.
The terms of reference with respect to the Armed Forces personnel were different to the extent that the 3rd Central Pay Commission was not required to make recommendations on the conditions of service of the Armed Forces personnel. Though, the matters related to pension of Defence Service personnel was referred to 3rd Pay Commission, there has been no clubbing with civilians. The Commission felt that by and large, the principles followed by Armed Forces Pension Revision Committee (AFPRC) continue to be valid. The 3rd Pay Commission had considered the peculiar conditions of service and hierarchical set up of the Services, age of retirement, period of qualifying service pension etc. in respect of Armed Forces personnel. As such there has been no mistake in entrusting the matter to 3rd Central Pay Commission.
This information was given by Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar in a written reply to Shri Mahendra Singh Mahra in Rajya Sabha today.
Source: PIB News

State-wise details of ex-servicemen (ESM) in the country as on 31.12.2015

Indian Military Veterans

State-wise details of ex-servicemen (ESM) in the country as on 31.12.2015

Welfare of Ex-Servicemen
State-wise details of ex-servicemen (ESM) in the country as on 31.12.2015 is as under:
Welfare of Ex-Servicemen -1TOTAL: 2447819
Details of schemes being implemented for welfare, rehabilitation and resettlement of ESM is as under:
Officers’ Training:
· 24 Weeks Management Courses at IIMs and other reputed B-Schools
· Modular management courses like Project Finance, Academic Institutions, Supply Chain, Retail, Six Sigma, Seafaring etc.
· Newly introduced courses for 2015-16 like Strategic Retail Management, Human Resource Management(HRM), Facility, Transition, Export and Import, Event Management etc, Corporate Social Responsibility and Jet Transition.
Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs)/Other (OR) and Equivalents’ Training at Institutes:
· Security, Fire & Industrial Safety, Computer & Information Technology including ‘O’ Level, Hospitality, Tourism, Agriculture based, Business Management, Modular Management, Vocational & Technical, Medical & Healthcare, Library & Information Science, Legal Assistant etc
· Newly introduced courses for 2015-16 like Logistics & Transport Management, Retailing & Showroom, Corporate Office, Material Management, Marine Engineering etc.
Courses at Regimental Centres:
· At least two courses are planned every month at all the Regimental Centres to provide variety of courses to the retirees on pension drill.

7th Pay commission: From Cabinet approval to basic pay, what govt staff need to know about increment

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There is good news in the offing for Central Government employees as Seventh Pay Commission will be implemented soon.

Reportedly within two to three months all the required things will be done so that increment will be handed over to government staff. Here are all the latest developments about the pay commission Final implementation Government will implement Pay commission most likely in July.

Central Government employees will be paid six months arrears along with final increment. Notification for salary increment will be issued after State Assembly elections.

Most likely it will be done in May. Union Cabinet may approve recommendations of the Pay Commission in the month of June.

Discontinuation of physical pre-printed NSC and KVP certificates- re

Indian Military Veterans
Government of India 
Ministry of Finance 
Department of Economic Affairs 
(Budget Division)
North Block, New Delhi 
Dated: 1st April, 2016
Subject: Discontinuation of physical pre-printed NSC and KVP certificates- reg.
The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s OM of even number dated 23rd March, 2016, through which guidelines regarding discontinuation of physical mode of National Savings Certificate and Kisan Vikas Patra certificate and introduction of e-mode were communicated. It was decided that the currently existing system of physical pre-printed certificates for KVP and NSC shall stand discontinued w.e.f. 1.4.2016 and shall be replaced by ‘National Savings Certificate/Kisan Vikas Patra Certificate on electronic — mode (e-mode). Till the CBS system transits to that e-mode, banks and post offices may choose to issue a physical certificate recorded on a passbook.
2. The serial numbers based on the new pattern allotted to the banks and the Department of Posts (DoP) with respect to KVP and NSC were detailed in the said OM. It is intimated that while issuing the certificate from 01.04.2016, Banks and Post Offices may use notification having G.S.R. No. 353 (E) dated 29.3.2016 for Kisan Vikas Patra and notification having G.S. R. No. 354 (E) dated 29.3.2016 for National Savings Certificate. It is intimated that these notifications are available on egazette. nic. in.

Defence Pension Adalat on 7th and 8th April 2016 – PCDA

Indian Military Veterans

PCDA Adalat Pune – Satara from 7th – 8th April, 2016 – followed by a mobile pension camp at Satara on 9th April, 2016.

Defence Pension Adalat is scheduled to be held Adalat at ‘Dhanvantri’ Auditorium, AFMC, Pune.
Defence pension adalat at Pune on 7th and 8th of April 2016
A Defence Pension Adalat, 139th in the series of Adalats held by the Defence Accounts Department, is being held at Pune from 7th – 8th April, 2016, followed by a mobile pension camp at Satara on 9th April, 2016. The Defence Pension Adalat at Pune – Satara is being organized by the PCDA (P) Allahabad.
The Nodal Officer details for the Defence Pension Adalat Pune-Satara are as follows:
Nodal Officer : Shri Ashish Sen, Sr.A.O.
O/o PCDA (P) Allahabad
Tel/Fax No : 0532 – 2421873; 2420330
Mob. No : 09415145879
Email ID :
All concerned are requested to take a note of the Adalat schedule and forward their pension relatedapplication/queries to the nodal officer under PCDA (Pension). The venue of the Adalat is ‘Dhanvantri’ Auditorium, AFMC, Pune.
The Defence Pension Adalat at Pune is likely to be inaugurated by Hon’ble Raksha Mantri on 7th April 2016.

Stepping up of pay of Seniors drawing less pay than the Juniors

Indian Military Veterans

Stepping up  of pay  of  Seniors drawing less pay than  the  Juniors consequent on  fixation of pay  due to  implementation of 6th CPC recommendations between Direct Recruits and Promotees

Railways Board circular on stepping up of pay of seniors who are drawing less pay than Juniors.
Stepping up of pay of Seniors drawing less pay than the Juniors

No. PC-VI/2010/1/RSRP/1
New Delhi, Dated: 22.03.2016
The General Secretary, NFIR,
3, Chelmsford Road,
New Delhi-110055
Sub: Stepping up  of pay of Seniors drawing less pay than  the  Juniors consequent on  fixation of pay  due to  implementation of  6th   CPC recommendations between Direct Recruits and Promotees – item no. 8 and para  no. 20 &  21 of the Record Note of the meeting of the Standing Committee of National Council JCM held on J1h  Ma); 2014.
Ref: NFIR’s letter No. IV/NFIR/6th CPC/Main10/Pt.11 dated 02.03.2016.
Dear Sir,
In context to NFIR’s  letter under reference on stated that  instructions regarding stepping up of pay of senior promotees – with reference to such of their directly recruited Juniors; whose basic pay is more than that of their Seniors have already been issued by Ministry of Railways vide Board’s letter No.PC-VI/2010/I/RSRP/1 dated 17.02.2010 (copy enclosed for ready reference).
Yours faithfully,
For Secretary, Railway Board

Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) – February, 2016

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The All-India CPI-IW for February, 2016 decreased by 2 points and pegged at 267 (two hundred and sixty seven).
Click here for Labour Bureau Press Release

Minimum pay under 7th CPC likely to be revised to Rs 20,000; award to come with increment bonanza

The central government employees seeking revision of salary structure proposed under the 7th Pay Commission are likely to see around 19 percent raise on the minimum salary being drawn currently. The Cabinet nod to the effect is expected in June.

MOD panel frowns on increase in awarding maintenance allowance to wives in military

Indian Military Veterans

31.3.2016 : A panel of experts of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has slammed the defence services for passing orders granting maintenance allowance to wives of military personnel from their salaries, especially in Army, without due investigation and scrutiny.
The panel, in its report, has criticised the defence services for passing such orders in, essentially, what are private matrimonial disputes. The Army, Navy and the Air Force Acts provide that the competent authority can impose a cut upto 33 per cent on pay and allowances which can be paid to the wife as maintenance on her application. With growing matrimonial disputes, the number of such applications has increased in the last few years especially with the Army granting maintenance to the spouses on almost all applications through non-speaking orders without providing reasons.
An expert committee constituted by the Defence Minister on litigation has however observed that the exceptional provisions are being invoked in a routine manner by defence authorities. It has also found that the system does not have the wherewithal or ability to examine the veracity or truthfulness of the allegations and counter-allegations of both parties which is basically a matter of evidence that can only be weighed and dealt with by civil courts under law legislated for this specific purpose. The panel has said that this exercise can only be carried out under Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code and the relevant Marriage Acts, rather than the defence services getting into what may fundamentally be a civil or private dispute between a husband and his wife.
The panel has also observed that even the Army HQ has expressed concern on the issue and that maintenance is meant to tide over a difficult financial situation and not to lead life on someone else's expense. It has recorded that the award of maintenance results in grave civil consequences for an individual wherein a cut is imposed on his pay and should be taken as a serious matter and not routine. Moreover, it may not be initiated on the fact whether the spouse is working or not but whether she has the capacity to work or not, further adding that a situation cannot be allowed to prevail wherein an otherwise qualified/educated spouse stops working or refuses to take up a job in order to claim maintenance.
The Panel has stated that though defence personnel have a bounden duty to maintain their families, such issues should be left to Courts to decide based on evidence. Surprised at the acceptance of an unusually high number of applications by the Army, the committee has questioned, "does it mean that it was found that out of the total applications received, such a high percentage of officers were found wanting in their familial and marital obligations? If yes, then what were the tools available to reach that conclusion?"
There has been a rise of litigation on the subject in the past. Recently, a Lt Col had averred that his wife held a Doctorate and also working in a real estate firm but still was awarded maintenance by the Army. Another officer had stated that his wife had a degree of MSc as well as BEd and was earning a huge amount from tuitions and he had elderly parents to look after but still deduction of arrears of maintenance had resulted in disbursement of more than Rs 30,000 to the wife per month while he was being disbursed a amount of just Rs 6000. Another serving Colonel had stated that was being expected put his earnings at the disposal of his wife who was fully qualified and competent to work and was actually working.
(Source- The Indian Express e-paper)


Indian Military Veterans
This Information received from YR Raghavan [triservicesveterans]

MARCH 21, 2016

Ever since the Narendra Modi government came to power, the cabal of Mainstream media and Opposition parties led by Congress backed by the Anti-Modi lobby has consistently tried to paint everything done in India black.  Every achievement has been run down.  Every initiative undertaken ridiculed.  It is time to take stock at what has been done.

Before we go on with the achievements, it is important to see what the experts from the world have been saying about Modi and his government.  Here is a sample.

How the Global Experts Evaluate Modi

The legendary Marketing professor and expert - Philip Kotler talking about Modi in November, 2014 while speaking to corporate leaders, marketing professionals and faculty and students of MBA schools said that he was high on Modi and PM Modi felt like breath of fresh air.

In March 2015, Christine Lagarde discussed how after the Modi government came the inflation had come down to around 5% while revised gross domestic product (GDP) data was pointing to a growth at 7.4% and will help India better even China.  She had advocated further reforms for greater growth, which unfortunately have been blocked by the Congress.

In May 2015, World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim found the policies and work of Indian PM Narendra Modi visionary.


Indian Military Veterans
Dear all,

I am herewith forwarding a message regarding Shifting your pension account from the present Bank to the Bank of your choice: The Steps.This may help some time or other so kindly save it.


Subject: Shifting your pension account from the present Bank to the Bank of your choice: The Steps

To: veteransindia <>

For information of those who may be contemplating changing their
Pension Accounts, given below is the sequence, given by a veteran who
has just finished the procedure and has now fully understood through
hindsight, after personally witnessing what happened at each stage.

(a)   The pensioner writes a simple one-page letter to his own branch,

Sub: Pension Account No. xxxxxxxxxxx

I wish to start receiving my pension at XYZ Bank, (give new bank’s
name and address) with immediate effect.

I have opened a joint SB Account No. xxx with my spouse at that branch
for this purpose. Please transfer my pension to my new bank.”


1 No copies need to be sent to anyone else nor any enclosures are
required with the above letter. I had enclosed copies of my PPOs and
endorsed copies of the entire package to PCDA (P), HDFC Bank and
Central Pension Processing Centre of SBI. This was later proved to be
a waste because none of these agencies took any action on the letter
or the copies. Nor was any action needed on their part at that stage.

2 Your bank most probably will not know what to do with your letter.
You have to tell them that they need to convey your request to the
Central Pension Processing Centre (CPPC) of your bank, and forward
your application to them.

3 It may be noted that the pension disbursing branches do not have any
documents such as PPOs, joint photos etc. with them. These are all now
retained at the CPPCs of each bank.

(b) The CPPC will forward your request back to your bank along with
all the PPOs and connected documents, which they initially received
from PCDA(P) at the time of first grant of pension when you retired
from service.

(c)  Your Bank will now send the entire bundle to your new bank with a
request to take necessary action to credit the pension to the
pensioner’s account. Please ensure that your old bank sends the Last
Pension Certificate along with these documents.

(d) On receipt of documents, your new bank will send the same to their

(e)  Your new bank’s CPPC will examine the papers and may ask for
additional undertakings, indemnities etc, as per their protocol. In my
case HDFC Bank’s CPPC (not the branch) knew exactly what they wanted.

(f)  Your bank’s CPPC will process the papers (mainly to coordinate
book transactions and heads of expenditure between treasury and the
bank) and then credit your pension directly to your new bank account
along with arrears accrued after the last pension was paid to you by
the old bank. This takes about 2-3 weeks.

(g) Though not written anywhere, it is highly advisable to intimate
PCDA(P) regarding change of your bankers so that all future PPOs,
corrigenda, increments, revisions and DA intimations etc are sent by
them to your new pension bankers.

(h) This is also a good opportunity to send the Lifetime Arrears
Certificate to your new bankers, PCDA(P), AG’S Br etc.

(i)  Please ensure that the account opened at the new bank is a joint
account and has a nominee recorded on it.

(j)  Please also complete the formalities of internet banking
operation for the new account, and get it linked to other accounts, if
any, at the new branch.

Wait for 7th Pay Commission Bonanza Gets a Little Longer

Indian Military Veterans
NEW DELHI: Central government employees have to wait a little longer for the 7th pay Commission bonanza announced in November last year, as the Empowered Committee of Secretaries (E-CoS) headed by Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha wants to address various concerns raised by the Joint Consultative Machinery (JCM) before taking a final call on the recommendations of the commission. The empowered committee with 12 secretaries on board was set up on January 27 to process the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission.
In a recent meeting attended by Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi, Defence Secretary G Mohan Kumar with Cabinet Secretary and others, JCM representatives raised the concerns over pay commission recommendations on minimum pay and allowances saying it will cause difficulty to the employees.
It is learnt that the Cabinet Secretary also asked the E-CoS members to hold interactions with their staff associations and other stakeholders to expedite the process.
“Cabinet Secretary assured that fair consideration will be given to all points brought out by JCM before taking a final view. He also said that E-CoS needs to examine the report of the commission in entirety as well as the issues raised by JCM in consultation with all other stakeholders. It may take some time to take some time to take a final call on the recommendations of the commission,” a government note said.
The empowered committee was told by staff representatives that the minimum pay of Rs.18,000 pm recommended by the pay commission was on the lower side and needed to be revised upward by taking into account inflation and appropriately considering social obligations and housing of the staff.
A major concern has been raised with Cabinet Secretary on the new pension scheme saying that it should be done away with. The staff associations have argued that employees governed by the National Pension Scheme are deprived of family pension and do not have the provision of provident fund.

Cabinet Likely To Approve 7th Pay Commission Award With Increment

Indian Military Veterans

New Delhi: The cabinet is likely to approve the 7th pay commission award for central government employees in June for which the public exchequer will have to spend an additional amount of Rs 1.02 lakh crore.
Report of 7th Pay Commission was presented to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in November.
Report of 7th Pay Commission was presented to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in November.
However, there are no dearness allowance in their salary structure as the government recently announced 125 percent Dearness Allowance (DA) on which the pay panel recommended the 7th pay commission award.
Introducing a new provision of perks with the pay packet, the central government is also likely to give a increment, which is to be due in July, the month of implementation of pay commission recommendations for the central government employees, sources said.

Official National Emergency Number

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