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Media reports on 7th CPC are totally wrong and not true – Karnataka COC

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Media reports on 7th CPC are totally wrong and not true – Karnataka COC
Prepare for struggle on 7th CPC issues.
The Staff side had demand of minimum wage of Rs 26000/- & fitment formula of 3.71. Against this the 7th CPC had recommended minimum wage of Rs 18000/- & fitment formula of 2.57. The 7th CPC recommendations has provided only at 14% wage hike at Group “C” level it is only ranging from Rs 2240/- to Rs 3500/- increase per month, and at Group “B” level ranging from Rs 4000/- to Rs 6500/- increase per month. This increase is lowest by any pay commission, hence vast changes are required as the prices of essential commodities have gone up and also the inflation rate has gone up.
There are various reports on 7th Central Pay commission on the media reports on minimum wage of Rs 21000/- & fitment formula of 3.00, (which is at 34% wage hike against the 14% wage hike recommended by the 7th CPC). These reports are totally wrong and not true, these reports divert the Central Government Employees from the struggle path. Now it’s clear from the meeting of the staff side leaders with the Cabinet Secretary that there will likely hood of the slight increase in minimum wage, but not be any changes in the fitment formula. This is against the Staff side demand of minimum wage of Rs 26000/- & fitment formula of 3.71.
Secondly there is no change in allowances expect HRA that too its rates are reduced by the 7th CPC and also many allowances have been withdrawn. This is saving for the Government.
Comrades it is the time to struggle, we should educate the members and prepare for struggle, so that we should get at least 50 % wage hike without allowances, as allowances are not taken into pension benefit.
Only struggle will get us benefit. Please don’t believe on rumours. Now it is now or never. Serve strike notice on 9th June 2016.
Comradely yours
General Secretary

7th Pay Commission News – No indication on revision of Fitment Formula, pay matrix

7th Pay Commission Latest News

7th Pay Commission News – No indication on revision of Fitment Formula, pay matrix –

NJCA reports on 7th CPC Empowered Committee’s possible proposal for slight increase in minimum pay but no consequential increase in Fitment Formula and entire pay matrix

7th Pay Commission News – NJCA has issued a communication to all its constituent member orgainisations indicating the expected recommendations of Empowered Committee on 7th Pay Commission report. NJCA has observed as follows

1. Slight Increase in Minimum Pay more than what was recommended by 7th Pay Commission
2. However, increase in minimum pay is not going to result in consequential upward revision in fitment formula and pay matrix.
3. 7th Pay Commission has proposed for reduction in the HRA rate from the present of 30%, 20% and 10% to 24%, 16% and 8% respectively. There is no indication as such from Empowered Committee for restoring these HRA rates to the present level.
4. 7th Pay Commission has recommended for abolishing more than fify allowances. However, staff side is for restoring those allowances. The Empowered Committee may propose for forming a Committee by Government for getting its opinion on necessity of granting various allowances

5. As far as NPS scheme is concerned all Central Trade Unions an Federations are demanding for replacing the same with Old Pension Scheme (Defined Pension). It is expected that this matter may be referred by the Govt to a Committee formed for this purpose.
6. 7th Pay Commission has recommended for proving two options in respect of revision of present pension on implementation of its recommendations. As per first option (option 1), revsion pension will be determined on the basis of number of increments earned by the pensioner in the pay scale from thish he / she retired. Option 2 provides for arriving at the revised pension by multiplying the present pension with multiplication of factor of 2.57.
A pensioner can choose any one of the options that is beneficial to him / her. Click here to get the details of 7th Pay Commission recommendations on revision of pension However, NJCA has now indicated that Department of Pension and Defence Ministry are against the option 1, as they are not possession of necessary records for revising the pension as per Option 1. As most of the pensioners would be benefited only if their pension is revised on the basis of increments earned by them, this will be great loss for them if Govt ignores 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations for revision of pension on the basis of increments earned by pensioners.

The extract of communication dated 27.05.2016, by NJCA is given below. NJCA National Joint Council of Action 4, State Entry Road New Delhi-110055 Ph: 011-23365912, 23343493, Fax: 23363167 No.NJCA/2016 Dated May 27, 2016
All Constituent Organisations, National Council(JCM)

Dear Comrades,

As there had been no response from the Government to our communication dated 2nd May, 2016, we decided to seek an appointment with the Cabinet Secretary. Accordingly a delegation consisting of the following members of the NJCA met Cabinet Secretary, Shrl P.K. Sinha on 26. May 2016. Com. Shiva Gopal Misra Com. Guman Singh Corn. K.K.N. Rutty From the discussions, it appears that, the Empowered Committee has made up their mind to recommend to the Government a slight increase in the Minimum Wage. No indication was however given as to the consequential revision of the Fitment Formula and Pay Matrix. There had also not been any hint about the need to restore the percentage of the HRA, which the 7th CPC has recommended for reduction. On Advances and Allowances, abolished, the Government might be advised to setup a committee to go into the matter and make suggestions. In the matter of the New Contributory Pension Scheme also, the Government might refer the demand to a committee. On the question of pension benefit to the retired personnel, who are covered by the defined benefit pension scheme, the Cabinet secretary indicated that, both the Department of Pension and Defence Ministry were of the firm view that the first option recommended by the 7th CPC to bring about the parity with the past pensioners being infeasible and impracticable (due to the non-availability of the requisite records) might not be accepted and acted upon. Surprised over this development, the delegation requested for an official formal meeting of the Standing Committee so that the considered views of the Staff Side could be presented.
The delegation informed to the Cabinet Secretary that, non-acceptance of the recommendation of the 7th CPC in the case of pensioners will be extremely disappointing for them and will give rise to avoidable discontent. The Cabinet Secretary suggested to the Staff Side to reach out to the Department of Pension and Ministry of Defence in’ the matter. So far he is concemed; he is an open minded on this subject, provided it is workable. The National JCA will meet on 3rd June 2016 at New Delhi to consider these developments and take appropriate decision.

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