DA from 1st July 2016 will be 3% if DA not merged taken in to account

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DA from 1st July 2016 will be 3% if DA not merged taken in to account –

DA merger on 7th Pay Commission implementation was 125% against the actual DA entitlement of 125.75 as on 1st January 2016 –

Staff Side JCM writes to Govt Secretary, NCJ writes to Secretary, Ministry of Finance on computing DA from July 2016

No.NC/JCM/2016 Dated: September 6, 2016
The Secretary(Expenditure),
Ministry of Finance, (Government of India), North Block, New Delhi-110 001

Dear Sir,

Sub: Future computation of Dearness Allowance and adoption base index figure to Revised Minimum Wage – Regarding

The revised pay structure, as recommended by the 7th CPC, was given effect as on 01.01.2016 as per the Government’s Notification. The Dearness Allowance, which was computed at 125% ( i.e 125.75 fraction of 0.75 being ignored), got merged with Pay as on that date. The 7th CPC has not indicated as to what base figure of AICPI(IW) the Revised Wages will relate to hereafter wards. As you are aware, the actual DA that was due as on 01.01.2016 was 125.75. It is only due to the practice of ignoring fraction; the DA was determined at 125%. No doubt, the said practice had not been impacting very much except for the postponement of the benefit by six months. It is, therefore, necessary that, Revised Wages are related to a base index figure equivalent to actual Dearness Allowance percentage of 125 that stands merged as on 01.01.2016. This is more so due to the fact that there is no possibility of the ignored fraction of 0.75 being reckoned for any computation in future. We, therefore, request that, 12 monthly average, which stood at 261.33 as on 31.12.2015, may be taken at 260.46, which would provide the exact percentage of DA at 125. The future percentage increase in DA in other words may be computed with the base figure of 260.46. The next instalment of DA, which has become due as on 1.07.2016 if computed on the above basis of 260.46, shall work out to 3.28%. On ignoring the faction, the DA with effect from 01.07.2016 shall be 3%. We, request you to kindly take the above into account and issue orders for grant of 3% DA w.e.f. 01.07.2016.  Sincerely yours (Shiva Gopal Mishra) Secretary (Staff Side) National Council (JCM) Source : ncjcmstaffside Try GConnect DA Calculator using this link IRTSA Memorandum on the issue of DA from July 2016 Subject: Dearness Allowance – Regarding – Carrying over of ignored fractions Reference: Para 7 of Resolution of MOF GOI Notification No. 1-2/2016-IC Dated 25-7-2016 We have to submit as under for the kind consideration of the Committee of Secretaries on Allowances in respect of the recommendation of 7th CPC made vide Para 8.17.37 its Report about Dearness Allowance (DA): 1. The existing formula for DA is unjust and weighed heavily against the employees. 2. All India Consumer Price Index (Industrial Workers), considered for determination of DA, is defective in so far as the weightage given to various items is arbitrary and not based on present day requirements of the employees or Pensioners. 3. By changing the base year to 2016 whatever advantage that had emerge out of the 7th Pay Commission will be neutralized (for example the rise of DA as on 1-7-2016 worked out to be 7% on previous base year which would have come to Rs.490 on the old Minmum Basic Pay of Rs. 7000 but it would now be only Rs. 360 i.e. 2% of new minimum Basic Pay of Rs. 18000). 4. Most importantly, the fraction of %age rise is totally ignored while declaring the revised DA. This considerably erodes the real wage every time the DA is revised. (For example the %age rise of Price Index from 1-1-2016 works out to be 2.92 but the DA as per existing system would be only 2% thus resulting in 0.92% erosion of Pay & Pension in the very first year of 7th CPC) This is against the Law of Averages which lays down the principle that for rounding off the fraction below half may be ignored and the fraction more than half should be rounded off to the next higher point. In any case, the fraction ignored in previous half year should be added in the next half year (for example the Average Price Index was 125.83 at the end of December, 2016. But the fraction of 0.83 was ignored and Pay rise was given only on 125%. The balance of 0.83% should be added to 2.92 for calculation the DA from July, 2016 thus DA @ 3% instead of 2% fro 1-7-2016). 5. It is, therefore, requested as under: a) Weight-age given to various items in the All India Consumer Price Index, may please be modified as per present day requirements. b) Fraction which was/is ignored for the previous half yearly slab of DA (say in January, 2016) may please be added for calculating the next slab of DA (in July, 2016). Source: IRTSA


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, by indianmilitaryveterans

Dear All,

please Best Wishes, A Sunder Rajan ----- Forwarded Message ----- REPORT MY SIGNAL 20 Sep 16.

Dear Indian Military Veterans and Veer Naris, Jai Hind. May the soul of our great soldiers, who got killed at Uri may rest in peace. May God give strength to the near-ones and dear-ones of these brave shaheeds, to bear the irreparable loss. Secondly. An SMS just received by me, regarding 7 CPC and a few other issues is also appended below. In service of Indian Armed Forces Veterans of All Ranks & Families Around the World Chander

Kamboj ---------- From: Amit Bhadhuri Sent: 20 September 2016 To: REPORT MY SIGNAL (CS KAMBOJ)


Dear Brig. Kamboj Sir, Please print this in the IESM blog- The names and the ranks of the 18 Indian Army Soldiers, martyred in Uri on 18th Sept 2016 by Paki terrorists. May their souls live in eternal piece. Amit Bhadhuri Ex-CISF ​ & NRI​ 1st CISF Course


Highlights from the horse’s mouth regarding implementation of 7 CPC for Services. Five anomalies pointed out to MoD (RM) for resolution prior to implementation of 7 CPC.

These are NFU, entry level pay for each rank, enhancement of MSP of JCOs and OR to Rs 10,000/-.

Increase in the number of rows in each level to prevent stagnation in rank due to non portion & grant for MSP to Gen Offrs to overcome pay anomalies of Brigs getting more pay than Maj Gen or grant of special to Gen Offrs to overcome the problem. It has been impressed upon RM that since NFU can’t be given from retrospective date, notional grant of NFU should be given to Brigs & Cols so that basic entry pay in 7 CPC can be fixed correctly.

This is mandatory to avoid functional problems in Arms/ Services where Defence civilians are employed.

RM is pursuing the issues with MoF. Last week directions were received from Def Secy to implement the 7 CPC.

The Three Chiefs are firm that these five anomalies need to be settled prior to it’s adaptation. Thereafter, MoD should resolve the balance 37 anomalies in a time bound manner. A letter to this effect is being sent in a day or two.

Some Additional Issues. 200 Bed Veterans’ Wing being set up in Army Hosp. Gen Degree College for wards of Army wards to overcome high cut offs in Delhi colleges is being set up. OROP Pensions. Equalisation to be done on OROP pension and not 6 CPC pension. Multiplication factor of 2.57 (with OROP) to be applicable.

Above good news shared by offr returning from Retiring Offrs’ Chief’s Farewell. The COAS and AG informed the gathering that 7 CPC is not being implemented by Svcs as directed by Def Secy. Fight will continue ... This appears to be genuine. Unquote



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