Police and Military ranks at PBOR level, how do they compare after the 6th CPC ?

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Police and Military ranks at PBOR level, how do they compare after the 6th CPC ? -

There used to be some confusion of relativities at the PBOR level between the military and the police, but thankfully this has been cleared by the 6th CPC (you saw that right !!). This post is also in response to the humungous amount of queries received on the subject.
Following is the order of ranks (with Grade Pay) as recommended by the 6th CPC and accepted by the Govt :- (The amount in brackets is the Grade Pay)

Sepoy of Army = Constable of Police (2000)
Naik of Army = Head Constable of Police (2400)
Havaldar of Army = Asst Sub Inspector of Police (2800)
Naib Subedar of Army = Sub Inspector of Police (4200)
Subedar of Army = Inspector of Police (4600)
Subedar Major of Army = Asst Commissioner of Police (4800)
Assistant Commissioner of Police after 4 years of service (5400)

The above is a comparison of military ranks vis-à-vis grades of the Delhi Police.

The two grades of Asst Commissioner of Police may create some confusion in the minds of readers so let me clarify.

Officers of the Delhi & Andaman Nicobar Islands Police Service (Group-B), popularly known as DANIPS, are recruited by the UPSC through the Civil Services Examination. Such officers are appointed as Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACP) in Delhi but are Group-B officers. DANIPS officers are not to be however confused with IPS officers who can also be appointed to the post of ACP in Delhi. IPS officers of the Junior Time Scale (JTS) appointed to the post of ACP are in Pay Band-3 with a Grade Pay of Rs 5400 (equivalent to Lieut of the Army) whereas DANIPS officers are in Pay Band-2 with a Grade Pay of Rs 4800.
After 4 years of service, DANIPS officers are also upgraded to a Grade Pay of Rs 5400 albeit in Pay Band-2. DANIPS officers, hence even when upgraded to a Grade Pay of Rs 5400 remain junior to IPS officers in the JTS and Lieutenants of the Army.
DANIPS is otherwise a feeder cadre to the IPS and such officers when promoted to the IPS at Selection Grade Level (Grade Pay 8700) are absorbed into the AGMUT cadre of the IPS. Specially for the naysayers. Before disputing the above data, please do visit pages 84 and 465 of the 6th CPC.

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