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Why less MSP for Jawan/JCOs, because they accompanied by officer’s and convinced without reality. One of the reason why Jawan/JCOs are not getting their due is that Armed Forces Officers holding on all senior posts and they always cry for their self benefits and no one is interested in the welfare of Jawan/JCOs. In Indian Armed Forces, the officer only represent their problems to Government. Their point of is never taken up and there is no one to listen to the cries of their welfare. Anybody who thinks rationally can understand that MSP should be equal to all ranks. Why not Military Service Pay should be same for all ranks. A clear case of gross injustice with Jawan/JCOs in Military Service Pay. Since officers/JCOs/Jawans are serving in the same climatic, harsh and stress environment then why the 7th CPC showing parity. But these officers ,by leveraging the hardships of ordinary soldiers, wants to bargain more and more from the Government. They want equal pay as an IAS officer. Anybody who knows about the responsibilities of both cadres knows that the demand is totally absurd and therefore should not be accepted by the Government. When they open the discussion they project only the problems pertain to them and completely forget their other ranks. They never want to accept Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) as junior officers and still consider an PBOR's (Personal Below Officers Rank). They don’t want to see a Jawan/JCOs sitting at higher post and never they shouldn’t be allowed to represent in pay commission. In Armed Forces officers life like heaven and PBOR's like hell. An officer in Armed Force is practically living like a king.The apathy of a soldier is being used by the officers cadre in various forums for their advantage and betterment.All this despite the so called OLQs (Officers Like Qualities) present in them.

But again in seventh pay commission the report recommended to grant allowances relating to risk and hardship for Siachin glacier recommended by 7th CPC for Service Officers from ₹21,000/- to ₹31,500/- and JCO/ORs from ₹14,000/- to ₹21,000/- and MSP @ ₹15500/- for officers , ₹10800/- for Nursing officers and ₹5200/-only for the Jawan / JCO's , who are directly involve in hostile operation / LoC/ Insurgency area and deployed along the "Siachen glacier", the world coldest and highest battle field, fighting at border and facing live bullets gets Military Service Pay (An allowance for danger to his life) where as Officers who are sitting in comfort ACs/ Heaters in the base and full support of Sahayaks around them recommended three times MSP then Jawan/JCOs. What is the working of Nursing Officers ? They are never involved in any hostile operations and employed with secured Hospital. When a soldier is hurt by bullet or wounded in operation a Nurse in Hospital who treats his wounds gets ₹ 10800/- for holding Officer status. Why not Military Service Pay should be same for all ranks. What a injustice again created by the Govt due to silence mode of Armed Forces Officers , is it correct are they fighting for Jawan/JCOs no they all are creating a drama only for their requirements , that's why Jawan/JCOs are against such type of activities/people's.

When such a vital post in Siachen glacier captured by Honorary Captain (Then Naib Subedar) Bana Singh won the Param Vir Chakra, India's highest ranking gallantry award, with Martyr Naib Subedar Chuni Lal, Ashok Chakra, Vir Chakra, Sena Medal ,soldier of 8th Battalion Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (8 JAKLI) of Indian Army, and Government decorated them such a honour's then why not considered for pay and perks. Total casualties ratio between officers and Jawan/JCOs is 33 : 883 in Siachen glacier. What a huge difference ! Justice Mathur and members of 7th CPC had considered this casualties ratio and ground reality. All the issues which are raised by MOD are only for the benefit of officers, no welfare of Jawan/JCOs. No welfare for promotion, living accommodations and pay perks. Armed Forces Officers are getting more facilities then a officer of other Government department as Vehicle with driver, steward, cook etc are given at cost of Government in lakhs.

This is the duty of every Pay commission to Protect the lives of Jawan/JCOs who are guarding our frontiers and the risky areas must be higher priority along with attractive pay and allowances. It is not just a Pay Commission issue. In addition to give proper training all soldiers they must be equiped with the best and sophisticated weapons and communication sets. Night duty must be provided with night vision glass and movement with sensitive equipments, star-war related the "GPS" (satellite equipment) must be developed to our topographical. Obtain the weapon training from major world friendly country as America, Russia, Britain and Israel. Prepare every soldier a man of ready by physically and Intellectually the willingness to serve the nation and pay them up right above a Civilian Counter part. We have about 15,67,390 lakhs of ex-servicemen and they are a great support to servicemen and most exservicemen have at least a son or grandson in service, pay them better pension and benefits. Troops can be exploited again and again. but when their limit ends,everything get end. As you are aware the Armed Forces themselves cannot convey their feeling to Government directly, or go on strike. It is only Ex servicemen like us who can vouch their concerns. Reserve some quota as a Member of the Parliament, so that they can raise their Voice for their grievances or ready for another 1857, this is a dangerous situation.

Jawans who earn a mere low pay and perks spending their time in Siachen and Kargil awake while the rest of the country gets a good sleep. A jawan sacrifices his family and his life in the battle, he goofs up a bit, thats the end of his career, demotion, court martial etc. Jawan/JCOs and Veterans have been cheated by the 7th CPC their pay scales and status have been lowered over the decades which has affected their moral badly. Do not let them reach the point of no return? It is time for the all GPs of Ex Servicemen to express their disgust, in a manner that shall force the Govt to consider the damage the 7th CPC recommendations are doing to the fibre of the Services. Forgetting about our narrow self interests and benefits all the Ex Servicemen of three services must join hands and make it clear that the Govt has to attend to the issues raised. Surely it is not mutiny. But if they didn't do something solid in a reasonable time frame the damage could be irreversible. Justice A K Mathur, the waves of protests that are comming from Armed forces as well other Ex Servicemen in various web sites is a clear indication of intentional injustice done to the Jawan/JCOs of Armed forces in your pay commission's report. You stand to an explanation to all this. It is better for you to stand in a terrorist infested area along with your team and get shot. Then only the arm chaired, AC room Neo Managers like your team will come to know what is like serving Armed Forces.

Why these senior retired officers waking up after retirement?There has been flood of TV interviews by retired Generals. I have a question to ask. Why now? why you didnt raise your voice when you were in service? At that time you accepted whatever shit was thrown at you and suddenly now you have grown concern for lesser mortals? Stop this, as such the forces are a demoralised and when they see the interview from someone who have licked their way up and now opening their mouth then it further demoralsies them. Armed Forces of a country is mirror image of the country, a happy Army means a happy nation alas the contrary is also true, in any case we as nation were ruled by Mughals, Britishers for centuries but have failed to learn our lesson. History is a teacher and time will again teach us to learn from history and past mistakes, but fools are known to commit the same mistake again and again. Will the Government take notice and act ? The media and veteran associations need to take these issues up for resolution. Ex Servicemen are completely disappointed with this 7th CPC. This is not pay commission but punishment commission. What are our Chiefs of the services doing?They are totally mum on this grave issue of 7th CPC. It's a clear disappointment for Jawan/JCOs. Discontentment with Jawan/JCOs is quite evident and not in the national interest. Jawan/JCOs have been given step motherly treatment with their status, pay and allowances. They have been deliberately lowered over the decades. Every points raised by service chiefs, pertains to officers only what for Jawan/JCOs ? We need a very strong, dedicated and loyal group of Veterans to fight for our demands. Are you ready? Yes, together we can. Jai Hind!



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