Regarding OROP

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Dear Sir,
All those retired closer to Dec 2015 get higher pension by 2.57 method. CGDA made a grand claim that more than 90% of Lt Cols retired in the period Jul 2014 to Dec 2015 get less pension than in OROP – 2013. This false claim is supported by twisting facts.
I am showing even Lt Col retired on 30 Sep 2014 gets higher pension by Notional pay method than in OROP – 2013.
This is the pension of Lt Col who is a SL Officer. His total qualifying service is 38 years, 7 months and 12 days. His commissioned service is only 17 years 5 months and balance is OR service. Now how clever one can be can be seen. The SL officers, SCOs and RCOs with OR service are fixed pension at the time of retirement based on commissioned service. See the pension calculations for this SL Lt Cols with 17.50 years of commissioned service by 2.57 method and Notional pay method.

Lt Col - SL Officer
Pension as on Jan 2016 By 2.57 Method
Pay in Pay Band for Lt Col with 17.50 years of Commissioned Service retired in Sep 201443,120
Grade Pay8,000
MSP 6,000
Last Drawn Emoluments57,120
Pension till Dec 201528,560
Pension by 2.57 method from Jan 2016 = Pension in Dec 2015 x 2.5773,399
Pension as on Jan 2016 By Notional Pay Method
Notional Pay (NP) as on Jan 2016 in the rank of Lt Col with QS of 17.50 years commissioned service Retired on 30 Sep 2014 as given in E- PPO1,32,400
MSP in Jan 201615,500
Notional Last Pay Drawn = NP + MSP1,47,900
Pension by Notional Pay method w.e.f. Jan 201673,950
Arrears from Jan 2016 to Jun 2019
Pension by NP Method is higher. Arrears is 551
Total Arrears = 7.39*x Arrears per month x 6 months24,422

Now CGDA shows the pension of this Lt Col with 17.50 years of Commissioned service is less than that in OROP – 2013 and so he recommends that OROP should be abolished.
Pension of Lt Col with 17.50 years Commissioned Service in OROP – 2013. See the pension of Lt Col in OROP with 17.50 years of commissioned service. It is Rs 26,385 vide Circular 555. His pension in Jan 2016 is Rs 26385 x 2.57 = Rs 67,810. Contrast this with pension of Lt Col by Notional pay method of Rs 73,950 or by 2.57 method of Rs 73,399. Is it less ? How does CGDA say that 94.3% of Lt Cols with service of 24 years retired in the period Jul 2014 to Dec 2015 draw less pension than in OROP – 2013?

How Does CGDA Twist the Facts?
To confuse and confound, CGDA now compares the pension of SL Lt Col with 17.50 years of commissioned service with his total Qualifying service of 38 years 7 months. In OROP pension of Lt Col with 33 or more years of service is Rs 34,765 pm. His pension in Jan 2016 is 34765 x 2.57 = Rs 89,346. Therefore, he concludes this SL Officer Lt Col draws less pension than OROP – 2013. He coolly and deliberately forgets that pension of SL officers, SCOs and RCOs is fixed on their commissioned service only and not on their total qualifying service which includes OR service. Such officers get benefit of OR service only in next CPC or OROP – 2018.

Request. That is the reason. I need more PPOs or E-PPOs of Lt Cols and Brigadiers retired in the period from Jul 2014 and Jun 2019 to prove that his claim is totally wrong, deliberately fabricated and intentionally made by twisting facts.

Warm regards,
Brig CS Vidyasagar (Retd)
Email id:


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PM Narendra Modi announces creation of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS)

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his Independence Day 2019 speech, said the creation of a Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) would make India's forces "even more effective". The CDS will coordinate between the Army, Air Force and Navy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Red Fort in New Delhi on Thursday, August 15, 2019. (Express Photo: Neeraj Priyadarshi)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Thursday announced the creation of a Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) to “further sharpen coordination between the forces”. Addressing the nation on India’s 73rd Independence Day, the Prime Minister said the major decision would make the forces “even more effective”. The CDS will coordinate between the three services, the Army, Air Force and Navy.

“Our forces are India’s pride. To further sharpen coordination between the forces, I want to announce a major decision from the Red Fort. India will have a Chief of Defence Staff (CDS). This is going to make the forces even more effective,” PM Modi said from the ramparts of the Red Fort in New Delhi.

What is Chief of Defence Staff (CDS)?

Following the 1999 Kargil War, a high-level committee had recommended the appointment of a Chief of Defence Staff to coordinate between India’s tri-services. The committee had been tasked with examining the country’s security system. The CDS would also be the single-point military adviser to the Defence Minister.


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Centre To Increase Dearness Allowance To 17% From 12%

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New Delhi: Central government is likely to approve a hike in dearness allowance (DA) to 17 per cent from the existing 12 per cent, benefiting around 30 lakh Centre’s employees and its 50 lakh pensioners including dependents.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

“The five per cent DA raise has been confirmed with the release of June 2019 All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI). The AICPI for June 2019 is 316, which is two points more that May 2019 AICPI,” an official said.

He said the Finance Ministry will now put a Cabinet proposal for approval of 5 per cent DA hike from July 1 this year as the revised Consumer Price Index-Industrial Workers data for June was released by Labour Ministry on July 31.
With increase in DA, the pensioners will also gain as the benefit provided to them as dearness relief will be hiked to 17 per cent of basic pension.

The government had increased DA to 12 per cent from 9 per cent with effect from January 1, 2019, on February 27 on the basis of agreed formula for revision of the Dearness allowance.

The five per cent hike in DA would be the biggest since the implementation of the 7th pay commission recommendations in 2016.

The DA announcement may come this month and the government may not delay the DA announcement for the festival season beginning with Dussehra.

The central government employees will get 17 percent DA in the salary of September 2019.



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, by indianmilitaryveterans

Good explanations and write up  by the author but surprised of putting up by him  on this forum rather to take up the issue with the ECHS authorities in writing or during the their meetings with the management being an OIC Polyclinic. More so, Why to hide the identity. Let me answer relevant points.
1. ECHS POLYCLINIC should be Treatment Centre rather Referral centres. YES.  Then polyclinic required specialists to be employed. There is hardly any in any of the polyclinic . None will be interested with 85000 perks. They will demand   min 2.5 to 3 lakhs. So, at least one experienced and well qualified MD Medicine is required in all cat A polyclinics and other polyclinics in the district may refer patient to him. On an average 50 to 60 % of patients are of medicine. Then referring them to empanelled hospitals can be curtailed  and can be referred for some tests only.
2. EMPANELLED HOSPITALS.  Private hospitals got empanelled for various specialities at the time of empanelment. There is no check after that  whether facilities are available or not. Boards are displayed in the polyclinics without ensuring the ground realities.  Patient is denied certain treatment for which referred  by polyclinics  because of NA of  specialities in empanelled hospitals, only selective treatment is given. Whose responsibility.?.. No regular check and no audit after empanelment.

3. IT Professional. YES. But in this digital world every one is IT professional provided criteria is laid down for employment with in the authorised strength and  suitably employed.
Of course it's  But why. 
The problem with the ECHS management is that they have empanelled lot many  hospitals.  Take the example of Jalandhar or anywhere else, earlier esm were being treated in MH, only one, later when MH express it's inability to handle esm and widows load , private hospitals were empanelled . Proper study should have been  carried out on requirement based. So many hospitals  have been empanelled .So what is actually  happening , we want all facilities in these hospitals, all specialists , complete infrastructure and other relevant issue.. from where  , the hospitals have to earn revenue to meet the requirements. The esm strength is the same and divided in these so many hospitals, so they perforce have to indulge in wrong practice of unwanted tests , procedures and admissions. There should have been two , three or four  empanelled hospitals in each district.
YES on the higher side and majority admission is not at all fits in emergency norms as laid down.
Patient tends to wait and report to empanelled hospitals after 4 PM after closing down of polyclinic.  Very easy for them but why .. Because they are denied referrals by doctor at polyclinics  because of fixed percentage  of referrals and lack of facilities of various  tests  and procedures and non availability of specialists.
6. MEDICINE MANAGEMENT.  Mismanagement. Why the regular patient is required to go through lengthy procedure ? On an average 70%  patients comes to polyclinic for taking regular medicines for which doctors and staff  intervention is not required. These medicines are prescribed by specialists of empanelled hospitals . But what's happening , patients have to stand in  queue at reception, then wait for doctor for hours then go to medical store again queue to get medicine.  Regular patient data can be maintained in a computer, so that patient go directly to medical store, he checks in the computer  system of  last issue date and issue the medicine and update records. Very simple. No wastage of time and no load on doctors and other staff.
Approx 10- 15 % patient comes for normal routine  sickness for which they have to go to doctors for medicines. Approx 10-15 % patients requires referral either for  follow up or few for fresh.
In this way certain percentage of staff at  ECHS polyclinic can be cut down to save crores of rupees per year which can be utilised for medicines.
7. NA MEDICINES. Approx 50% of the medicines aren't available because of shortage of fund . The patient can't come again to take NA medicine due to old age, distance , time and family member not willing to bring them, perforce buying from market.  Data of such patients taking regular medicine be maintained in the system , demanded and procured well in advance from MH or from local market.  More so, if  substitute medicines can be issued then why not as prescribed , and when certain mg is required , then why double or less.. it speaks lack of responsibility and accountability and the veterans are suffered and harassed.

8.There are many many more  points relating to working , behaviour of ECHS staff, timings , refusal to entertain after 2PM , refusal of referral where specialist advised follow up to change, stop or reduce or increase the  medicine based on health condition of the patient... The patient is forced to take the same medicine for months by refusing referrals, thus playing with their life.

9. It's the responsibility of all of us to further strengthen the  system and facilities by  streamlining the issue with discussions involving veterans and the management from time to time otherwise the Govt will not hesitate to close down ECHS and merge with Ayushman Bharat .

10. I am the Chairman of ESM associations and  President TSEWA Punjab and regularly meeting exservicemen associations  to get feed back on  various  issues incl this one of ECHS and doing  my best to resolve .



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, by indianmilitaryveterans


The new building of ECHS Tirunelveli was inaugurated only on 03 Sep 2017.  Within two years of its inauguration, the cealing of the building cracked twice and injured One Polyclinic Staff and one Visiting patient. (one Miss.Sorna, Lab Technician and Ex.JWO Peter (Patient)

This is the condition of a new building constructed by MES.  Utter negligence has been shown for the electrical wiring.  Very poor earthing damages the costly instruments.  The Air conditioners are not working properly.  The waiting hall is congested.  Only one toilet for the 150 patients visiting daily.  The main entrance  gate is at the turning point of a main road, prone to accidents.

The floor of the clinic is slippery, some aged patients are falling down on the waiting hall frequently.  Please look at the slope (in the photo) at the entrance of the clinic. This is a disgrace to the MES of the Navy.

The Naval Officers  at INS Kattabomman and at Vizakapatnam have given utter disregard to the welfare of Ex-servicemen.  Let the Navy hand over the Polyclinic to Army  control under Trivandrum.  The Station Headquarters INS Kattabomman is shown utter disregard to the Ex-servicemen.  They may please hand over the clinic to Army Control for better management and day to day adminstration.

There are lot of problems with the ECHS System.  Most of the good empanelled 

hospitals in Chennai (Miot, Global) are going out of ECHS system, because of 

bill payment and other problems.  Coimbatore Hospitals totally avoiding ECHS Scheme.

The patients are made to run between ECHS at MH and MH at Eekattuthangal and other hospitals.

The movement of the patients in a large city like Chennai is very costly and painful.

Sometimes the members feel to pay and take treatment in any hospital instead of 

running up and down for free treatment.

Any email complaint given to the MD ECHS never gets reply.  Most of the medicines are 

not available at the clinic.  Local purchase also restricted to great extent.

In spite of paying a Lumpsum amount and monthly Rs.1000 to the scheme, the members 

have to beg for better medicine and treatment.





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Latest On ECHS

, by indianmilitaryveterans

Hi All,

I am fwd a mail recd . Veterans, kindly relax and don't get your BP high in our old age , believing some fake posts on closing of  the ECHS by the Govt. 

At least the identity of the the originator(S)  of the post  below ( Col-Dr JP Singh and Brig KS Varma ) is given here.Please have faith in the sys, of which we too were  once part of, in not too distant a past. Why should we think that every thing evil  has happened there since we hang up our uniform?.Seeing some of the alarming ( and obviously fake ) mails circulating in the forums amongst us veterans, I am surprised at our own  gullibility !.

There was even a copy of a letter purported to be originated by HQ South Comd, convening a Bd of Offrs to check on Polyclinics. Even if it is genuine ( which I seriously doubt ) , its purpose could be different. In any case, it could not have covered the entire Indian Army and  would have been ltd to the geographical area of South Comd!.Does it not say something? .

Please understand the sweep and depth of the type of fake news which are hitting our Social forms regularly. These obviously are planned by forces inimical to our interests to whip up unrest and anti est feelings among us- both Veterans  and the Serving. Let us not be so gullible as to  swallow such feeds  unquestioningly . Or have we  been made so anti est in our present outlook by a constant stream of   anti est  sentiments , that we are ready to believe any nonsense as long as it is anti- est ? . Some food for serious thought!.

My view for what it is worth.


---------- Forwarded message ---------

: Dear Sirs, today we had a meeting with Dy MD ECHS in his office and had a detailed discussion on ECHS issues. Highlights are as under:-

1. ECHS closure news is a fake news. Since, ECHS was approved by the CCS committee, this scheme can not be closed without Govt approval. 2. Due to elections this year allotment of funds got delayed. Hence, inconvenience caused.

3. By mid August NA medicines issue will be resolved. The state of meds will improve. 4. Hosps bills being cleared as 2000 crores have been allocated. 5. Emergency cases in Hosp will be attended to including RR and Base Hosp. Any such refusal on part of Hosps may kindly be reported to Dy MDECHS. 6. Vigilance branch of COECHS is now very effective and active. This having a close watch on ECHS functioning,  staff and hosps for  their nexus and inflated bills by hosps.8. COECHS has been helping genuine sick cases in terms of proper treatment without any capping like transplant of Liver, kidney and heart. 9. Problems of new 64 KB cards have been projected and have been assured for an early resolution. Since, MD ECHS was away to South Block for a conf, other important issues of Adm, Mgt and functioning will be discussed in his presence as and when next date is given by MD office. As I always say "ECHS IS ONE OF THE BEST SCHEME OF THE WORLD". One feels importance of this scheme when one is in Emergency and that time no capping of amount and all cashless.

 Request all esms and ESM orgs to approach political hierarchy and Top leadership of triservices for more allocation of funds to ECHS keeping in mind a large No of ECHS dependency. Paucity of funds is the root cause of all NA meds, Hosp treatment denial etc. Warm regards Col (Dr) JP Singh,  Noida.

col +91 99997 20945: In the recent times there has been a stream of adverse posts on ECHS. In one there is report of refusal to give referral due to lack of funds and shortage of medicines. There seems to be a concerted effort to denigrate the scheme and give out fake status about the scheme. An account of a meeting at ECHS HQ posted by Col(Dr) JP Singh indicates that most of the negative comments on the scheme are not correct. My own experience of a couple of days ago and today at ECHS Polyclinic, Sohna Road, Gurugram is quite positive. Got required referrals and medicines without problems and no one posed any issues of financial shortages. We need to be circumspect in circulating posts which are negative and related to the three Services. Some additional verification from official sources would be in order. So guys, take heart,  doomsday is not upon us as yet and is unlikely in the near future. Brig KS Verma


Colonel  N K Balakrishnan ( Retd ) ,
" SINHGARH",Pulleppady,
Chittoor Road,Kochi-682018
Phone- ( 0484) 2380987


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