Railway Offers Concession 

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Railway Offers Concession On Ticket Prices To 53 Categories: All You Need To Know

Only one type of concession is admissible at a time at the choice of passenger and no person is allowed two or more concessions simultaneously.

In the case of Ssenior citizens, no proof of age is required at the time of purchasing tickets.

Indian Railways offer concessions on ticket prices to different categories, the quantum of which ranges from 10 per cent to 100 per cent. The reductions in fares are available for senior citizens, disabled passengers, students, war widows, patients, among others. IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation), the online ticketing platform of Indian Railways, offers concession on senior citizen tickets only. Other concession tickets can be availed at the Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counters at any railway reservation office, according to Indian Railways' website-

Here are 10 things to know about Indian Railways' ticket concessions:

1. All concessional fares are calculated on the basis of fares for mail/express trains irrespective of the type of train, i.e. mail or express or passenger, by which the passenger travels, according to Indian Railways.

2. Only one type of concession is admissible at a time at the choice of passenger and no person is allowed two or more concessions simultaneously.

3. All types of concessions can be availed only when tickets are purchased across the counter at stations and reservation/ booking offices etc. No one is granted concession on the train. 

4. The holder of a concession ticket is not permitted to change the ticket to a higher class even by paying the difference of actual fares.

5.  However, the categories of people eligible for concession in first class (and not in AC 2-tier) can purchase tickets for AC 2-tier sleeper also on payment of the first class concessional fare plus difference of actual fares of AC 2-tier sleeper & first class, noted Indian Railways. 

6. Except senior citizens, concessions on Indian Railways tickets are admissible only on production of the requisite certificate from the concerned person/organization. The documents issued by persons/organizations in other countries are not considered valid for the purpose of concession in India, according to railway's website.

7. In the case of Ssenior citizens, no proof of age is required at the time of purchasing tickets. 

8. Break of journey en-route is not allowed on a concession ticket for a journey for a specific purpose. It is allowed only where a break of journey is a natural event. 

9. Concession is not admissible for a journey where the cost of travel is borne by central/state governments/ local bodies/ corporations or government undertakings, universities, etc.

10. In case where concessional single/return journey tickets or season tickets or circular journey tickets are to be issued for two or more persons, the concessional fare is calculated separately for each person. 



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Indian Navy Recruitment Alert 2019: Apply for SSC Officers

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Indian Navy Recruitment Alert 2019: Apply for SSC Officers via, details here

Indian Navy has invited candidates to fill up SSC Officers in Executive Branch & Education branch. Candidates willing to take up this job can visit the official site of Indian Navy at

Indian Navy Recruitment Alert 2019  

Indian Navy has invited candidates to fill up Short Service Commission Officers in Executive Branch & Education branch. Candidates who are willing to take up this job can visit the official site of Indian Navy at and apply for the post. The last date to register yourself is till April 5, 2019. Latest News: Indian Navy Result 2019 for MR/NMR expected today at, check details here

Indian Navy SSC Officers: Important Dates

Opening date of application: March 16, 2019

Closing date of application: April 5, 2019

Indian Navy SSC Officers: Vacancy Details

Observer: 06 Posts

Pilot (MR): 03 Posts

Pilot (Other than MR): 05 Posts

Logistics: 15 Posts

Education: 24 Posts

Indian Navy SSC Officers: Eligibility Criteria

Educational Qualification

Candidates can check the official notification below for detailed educational qualification.

Indian Navy SSC Officers: Selection Process

Candidates will be selected on the basis of SSB interviews for short-listed candidates to be conducted from May to August 2019.

Other Details

The course will be commencing from January 2020 at the Indian Naval Academy Ezhimala, Kerala. Candidates should be born between 02 Jan 1996 and 01 Jan 2001. For more details, candidates can visit the official site of Indian Navy or can check the official notification for more details.


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Ordinary Family Pension

Ordinary family pension is payable to the widow and children of the officer who died/die while in service or after retirement with a retiring/disability/invalid/ special pension on account of causes which are neither attributable to nor aggravated by service.

Elegible Members of Family for Ordinary Family Pension

  1. Wife lawfully married before or after retirement
  2. A judicially separated wife
  3. Son below the age of 25 years and unmarried daughter (including those illegitimate and adopted legally before or after retirement) or till the date of earning livelihood whichever is earlier.
  4. Widowed/ divorced daughter upto the date of re-marriage and until the earning is not more than Rs. 3500/- + DR p.m. whichever is earlier.
  5. Parents wholly dependant when officer has not left behind a widow/ widower, eligible son or daughter or a widowed/ divorced daughter and the earning of the parent is not more than Rs. 3500/- + DR p.m. The beneficiary is required to furnish income certificate by themselves. The family pension to parents will be admissible with effect from 1.1.1998 but will cover cases where death occurred even prior to 1.1.1998)
In case of parents, the mother will receive the pension first. In addition to above, the following members are also eligible for ordinary family pension:-
  1. Handicapped children- son or daughter suffering from any disorder of disability of mind or physically crippled or disabled so as to render him unable to earn a living even after attaining the age of 25 years.
  2. Post retiral spouses-
  3. Children born out of void or voidable marriage
  4. Children born from divorced wife where conception took place before divorce.
For the purpose of grant of family pension, the Family has been categorized as under vide GOI, MOD letter No. 17(4)/2008(2)/D(Pen/Pol) dt 12-11-2008.
  1. Widow or widower, up to the date of death or re-marriage whichever is earlier;
  2. Son / daughter (including widowed daughter), up to the date of his / her marriage / re-marriage or till the date she starts earining or up to the date of death, whichever is earlier.

  4. Unmarried / widowed / Divorced daughter not covered by Category I above up to the date of marriage / re-marriage or till the date she starts earining or up to the death of death, whichever is earlier.
  5. Parents who were wholly dependent on the Armed Forces personnel when he / she was alive provided the deceased personnel had left behing neither a widow nor a child.

Family Pension to dependent parents, unmarried / divorced / widowed daughter will continue till the date of death.

Ordinary Family Pension in case of Missing Personnel Pensioners

Ordinary family pension in such cases is admissible to the eligible member of the family from the date of lodging FIR six months after the date of lodging FIR or expiry of leave of the officer who has disappeared, whichever is later.

Rates of Ordinary Family Pension

The ordinary family pension at normal rate shall be calculated @ 30% of reckonable emoluments last drawn subject to a minimum of Rs. 3500/- p.m. and a maximum of 30% of the highest pay.
Where on officer dies while in service or after retirement with pension having rendered not less than 7 years continuous qualifying service, the enhanced rate is payable as under.
 The enhanced rate of ordinary family pension is payble for a period of ten years, without any upper age limit from the date following the death of the personnel, to the family of personnel who dies in service.
Death after retirement :-E.R is admissible for 7 years from the date of death of officer or upto the date he would have attained the age of 67 years which ever is earlier in case of officer's death after retirement. The amount of enhanced rate whall be the lowest of the following amounts:
  1. 50% of the reckonable emoluments
  2. amount of retiring/ invalid/ service element of disability pension
For this purpose, reckonable emoluments comprises of pay in pay band including grade pay, Military service pay and NPA, if any, last drawn.


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Disability Pension

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Indian Military Veterans

                                                  Disability Pension

When an officer is invalidated out on account of a disability and the same is attributable to or aggravated by Military service and is assessed and accepted at 20% or more, he is granted Disability Pension.
Disability Pension consists of two elements viz. Service Element and Disability Element. Service element is equal to the retiring pension determined.
Disability Element for 100% disability for various rank is 30% of emoluments last drawn subject to minimum or Rs. 3510/- per month. For disability less than 100%, it shall be reduced proportionally.

Service Element

It is admissible equal to retiring pension as determined vide Para 6 of Govt. of India, Min. of Defence letter no. 17(4)/2008(2)/D(Pen/Pol) dt 12/11/2008 subject to minimum of Rs. 3500/- PM w.e.f 1-1-2006.

Disability Element

Existing rates of disability element are as under:Disability Element for 100% disability for various rank is 30% of emoluments last drawn subject to minimum or Rs. 3510/- PM. For disability less than 100%, it shall be reduced proportionally.


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BCCI set to contribute Rs 20 crore for welfare of Armed Forces

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BCCI set to contribute Rs 20 crore for welfare of Armed Forces

Sunday, March 17, 2019
By: TNN 

Source Link: CLICK HERE

The BCCI will donate Rs 20 crore for the welfare of armed forces in the wake of the Pulwama terror attack, where at least 40 CRPF personnel were killed.

It has been learnt that BCCI brass plans to invite senior dignitaries from the Indian armed forces (Army, Air force and Navy) on the day of the IPL opener in Chennai between Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore on March 23.

"Yes, the CoA has sanctioned Rs 20 crore which will be contributed towards the Army Welfare Fund. On the opening day with both Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli being present, the first portion of the said amount will be handed over to one of the dignitaries," a senior BCCI official privy to the development said.

The CoA had decided against having any glittering opening ceremony for the cash-rich event and instead contribute the entire budget for the welfare of armed forces.

"The budget of IPL opening ceremony was around Rs 15 crore during the last edition. It was a decision that BCCI will raise it to Rs 20 crore. The amount will be contributed towards Army Welfare Fund as well as National Defence Fund," he added.

It was acting president CK Khanna, who had initially proposed to the CoA that a contribution of Rs 5 crore be made in this regard.

"I am not aware of the amount that CoA has earmarked for donation. If it is Rs 20 crore, then it is a great news. This is the least we could do for our soldiers," Khanna said.

During the Australia ODI series, the Indian team wore camouflaged army caps as a mark of respect for the armed forces, a gesture that drew mixed reactions from the fans.


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Army chief warns Pakistan terror groups of another military action if need arise

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Army chief warns Pakistan terror groups of another military action if need arise

Sunday, March 17, 2019
By: New Indian Express 

Source Link: CLICK HERE

Isuing a strong warning to cross border terror outfits, Army chief General Bipin Rawat, on Saturday, made it clear that Indian authorities would not shy away from resorting to strong military action against Pakistan based terror groups yet again if it failed to stop pushing terrorism into India.

General Rawat, who was in the state capital at the concluding ceremony of Medex-2019 the field medical exercises of ASEAN and ASEAN Plus countries— said terrorism on Indian soil would not be tolerated. He was speaking at the convention.

Claiming that Indian Army was fully prepared to take action against Pakistan if they meddled with the peace of India, the Army chief said the army was ready with the plan to take action against terror camps still active in Pakistan.

“In future also such strikes will continue. If atmosphere will be vitiated, we will act again,” he said adding that if needed, the army would take action in consonance of political decision irrespective of the ongoing elections.

“Elections do not impact Army’s action,” he stated. The army chief elaborated by saying that plan to target Lashkar camps was also ready and that the Indian army was capable of facing any challenge in the aftermath of airstrikes.

Referring to army action to destroy terror hideouts along the Myanmar border, General Rawat said the Indian Army would not let any terror organisation use Indian soil to carry out terror activities. On joint raids recently conducted by Indian and Myanmar armies on terror camps at the border, General Rawat said he couldn’t divulge the number of camps destroyed but this exercise would continue in future as well.


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Rs 210 crore of Army insurance funds sunk in IL

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Case was taken up with AG to prematurely release Platinum grant from AOBF & Tr the lump-sum amount to AGIF to extend the EXTENDED INSURANCE beyond current stipulated period. AG fwd to AGIF which after consideration, replied Financially not feasible. This 26 yrs post retirement or 75 yrs perhaps is the current yardstick but we were deprived of it as our EI has expired much before 75/26 yrs post retirement.

Any knowledge on this, pl share.

The Army Group Insurance Fund Extended Insurance (EI) Scheme provides insurance cover to servicemen after leaving service. It provides Rs 6 lakh for officers and Rs 3 lakh for personnel below officer rank (PBOR) for a period of 26 years after retirement or 75 years of age, whichever is earlier. The amount is received by the family of the ex-serviceman in case of his death. The amount has been recently revised and is now Rs 10 lakh for officers and Rs 5 lakh for PBOR for all those who joined the scheme after January 1, 2014. For those who joined earlier, the amount will remain at the earlier rate of Rs 6 lakh and Rs 3 lakh for officers and PBOR respectively.

Disability Cover:

This concerns an individual who becomes disabled out of service prematurely due to injury or disease. The officers and JCOs/OR with 100 per cent disability will get an amount of Rs 25 lakh and Rs 12.5 lakh respectively. This amount gets proportionately reduced for lower element of disability upto 20 per cent. An ex gratia disability allowance is also granted by AGIF in case a member with 100% disability has been recommended a constant attendant.

AGIF Scholarship Scheme:

AGIF Scholarship Schemes for the sum of Rs 40,000 per annum are provided for wards of officers, JCOs and OR in 12 Army Welfare Educational Institutions (AWES) institutions.

While the Army chose to deny the earlier IANS story on how Army welfare funds may have been deployed in IL&FS bonds, saying, "It is informed that welfare funds of the Indian Army are invested only in nationalised; scheduled banks; PSUs as per existing policy. There is no investment from Army Battle Casualties Welfare Fund and Army Central Welfare Fund in IL&FS bonds as reported. This news article is rebutted for being false, infructuous and mala fide."

IANS has chosen to stick to its report. Here's how Army Group Insurance Fund (AGIF) is infected with this virus.

In its earlier story, now validated, IANS wrote: IANS learns that a few sections of the armed forces, primarily the army, have invested their corpus of funds in the once AAA-rated IL&FS bonds to secure their future. The Indian Army has three specific funds in which fellow countrymen can contribute - Army Welfare Fund Battle Casualties (set up in 2016 after the Siachen avalanche disaster and the Pathankot/Uri incidents), Army Central Welfare Fund and the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre Pune - towards the members/families of the armed forces who have made the supreme sacrifice for the nation. It is still not known whether these funds have invested in the virus-laden bonds.

The government does not fund the Army Group Insurance Fund scheme at all. A comparison of insurance cover and duration of cover provided to the generals and the jawans by the AGIF is as follows:

* Number of Generals: 350 (approximately)

* Monthly premium: Rs 5,000

* Annual premium: Rs 60,000

* Lt.-Generals insurance cover up to 60 years

* COAS insurance cover up to 62 years

* Annual contribution Rs 60,000

* Total annual contribution by the Generals is: Rs 60,000 multiplied by 350, which amounts to Rs 2 crore and 10 lakh.

Number of Jawans: 13,00,000 (approximately)

Annual contribution: Rs 30,000

Total annual contribution by jawans is: Rs 30,000 multiplied by 13,00,000, which amounts to Rs 3,900 crore.

These figures apply to just one year. The big question is: Who is tracking these funds? There are no answers to who will bear the liability if the huge amounts parked in toxic IL&FS bonds turn to junk. The first step will be taken if the army authorities begin by acknowledging there is a problem at hand..


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