Indian Army's prayer for the 13 brave Air Warriors of our Air Force

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Indian Army's prayer for the 13 brave Air Warriors of our Air Force who are missing in the AN32 crash.

These Brave Hearts are the only life line for many areas like Arunachal Pradesh. Imagine a part of your Country, where you fly hundreds of kilometers, no inhabitants, no medical, no post office, no police station, no railways, no bus stand, no communication, no Internet, only wilderness and deep gorges and frightening valleys with unpredictable clouds and Indian Army Soldiers on ground, surviving only because of Indian Air Force. Our IAF Brethren fly a fourty years old  aircraft, only with their grit and determination, and their incredible flying skills, to follow a small rivulet, to reach Mechuka, to support their Brothers in Arms in theArmy, their Comarades, to supply rations, fuel and medicines to advanced landing grounds, outposts in the wilderness where their brethren in Olive Greens look towards the sky not to pray to God but to pray for safe the arrival of our IAF brothers who empower us to defend our Motherland.

The weather and the circumstances being what they are everyday, our IAF brothers have to make that vital decision mid air, every day, whether to turn back and abandon their brothers in greens on ground, or to take that risk, at the cost of their lives, and  enter a wrong valley by mistake, blinded by the clouds and their own Patriotism, valleys with steep sides, with no where to turn. Any amount of Bank, you can't avoid the crash in your last moments. You can count the leaves on the trees and await the crash . Terrifying stuff. Debris strewn over tens of kilometres.  Hectic search operations, yet no bodies to fill the 13 empty coffins. 13 families waiting in Jorhat, praying and hoping for a miracle . A small price to pay for freedom that our Country Men and Women enjoy.

The last outpost must be defended. Tomorrow a set of another 13 Brave Men will don their overalls and fly another AN 32 to Mechuka.  May God be with them. May winds blow gently by their side . May they land safely back. A heart wrenching prayer for all of them. 

From their  Brothers, the Indian Army, the Ground Forces who survive because of the daily valour of our Air Warriors.



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