Data Needed to Prove CGDA Suggestion to Abolish OROP - 2018 as Wrong

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Dear Sir,

1.      CGDA vide their letter dated 05 Apr 2019 suggested to the Min of Def (ESW) regarding OROP – 2018 and suggested there is no need for OROP – 2018 to be implemented. Because as per them, 7th CPC equated pensions of past retirees with present retirees in Jan 2016. This claim of CGDA appeared to me to be without any basis.

2.      I always believed in most of the cases, the present pensioners receive higher pension than past retirees. There are some cases where Post Jul 2014 pensioners fixed pension less than OROP-2013 pensioners. I just wanted to check the veracity of the claim of CGDA that 7th CPC equated pensions of past pensioners with present pensioners. That means pension of all those who got benefited by OROP – 2013 must get the same pension in Jan 2016 as pensioners who actually retired in calendar year 2016. I requested veterans of any rank to give me their details if they retired in calendar years 2016, 2017, 2018 and till Jun 2019.

3.      A Gp Capt retired on 31 Oct 2018 sent me his details. His pension for 31 years of Qualifying service was fixed at Rs 98,150.





Pension in OROP - 2013

Pension in Jan 2016 = OROP x 2.57

Pension sanctioned for a Gp Capt Retired on 31 Oct  2016


Gp Capt







4.      If the CGDA claim that 7th CPC has equalized pension of past retirees and present retirees as on Jan 2016 to be true then all the OROP – 2013 pensioners also should have Rs 98,150 as pension in Jan 2016. I as Brigadier with QS of 32 years’ service retired in Mar 2004 draw pension of Rs 95,810 pm as on Jan 2016. Then how can a Gp Capt with less service than I could get pension in Jan 2016 more than mine. It clearly indicates the claim of CGDA is totally FALSE.

5.      The pension of OROP – 2013 pensioners for the rank of Col / Capt IN / Gp Capt with 31 years’ service is Rs 36,130 pm. To get his pension in Jan 2016 in 7th CPC, the OROP pension is to be multiplied by fitment factor of 2.57. The pension of Pre – Jan 2016 Col / Capt IN / Gp Capt with 31 years of QS comes to  Rs 36130 x 2.57 = Rs 92584 pm. That clearly indicated to me that with just one PPO, I can prove that CGDA claim of 7th CPC equalized pension of past retirees with present retirees is false.

6.      We need to have some more evidence to conclusively prove that CGDA made a false claim. I therefore once again request all those ranks right from Sepoy to Lt Gen (HAG +) retired in calendar years 2016, 2017, 2018 and till Jun 2019 to send me urgently pension details to include the following: -

(a)     Your Rank.

(b)     Your Qualifying service in years and months.

(c)     Your Group X – 6200 or X -3600 or Y Group (only for JCOs / OR)

(d)     Your Date of Retirement (only in 2016, 2017, 2018 and till Jun 2019). Details from earlier retirees is not required for the time being.

(e)     Basic pension sanctioned at the time of retirement. Do not include Dearness Relief.

7.      The Committee constituted by the Hon’ble Raksha Mantri on modality of implementation of OROP – 2018 is required to submit their report within 30 days. Therefore, kindly expedite submission of your data to me without any delay. If Govt of India, Min of Def (ESW) goes by advice or suggestion of CGDA, then we will lose OROP forever. We have to blame ourselves for lack of our efforts to prove claims of CGDA are false. They have done it without any preparatory work but only to derail OROP - 2018.


Warm Regards,

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)


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