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Improved Scales for JCOs and OR notified in March 2010 : More amendments, deletions, additions notified by the MoD

This is with regard to the new scales notified in consequence to the recommendations of the Committee of Secretaries in March 2010.

The MoD has carried out changes in the said master letter issued on 08 March 2010.

The new letter issued on 15 April 2011 alongwith thePCDA(P) Circular dated 11 May 2011 can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here.
Notably, the MoD has cancelled and deleted Table No 133 which dealt with pensionary entitlements of Viceroy Commissioned Officers (VCOs) granted Honorary Commissions. The enhanced pension rates notified for VCOs granted Honorary Commissions now stand relegated to regular rates as applicable to other Hony Officers.

Most other substantive amendments relate to Warrant Ranks of the Indian Air Force.
Source :Indian military benifits


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Presentation: Petitions Committee on OROP

Hello All,
Here is an update of the meeting that Sanjay Prabhu, Rohit and myself had with Rajya Sabha Committee on Petitions on OROP last week:
Presentation to the Petitions Committee on OROP, May 04th, 2011 – Highlights of the Meeting
Rajya Sabha Members Present
  • Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Chairman

  • Ram Vilas Paswan

  • P Rajeeve

  • Nandi Yelliah

  • Paul Manoj Pandian

  • Avinash Pande
    From our side

  • Sanjay Prabhu

  • Anand

  • Rohit Nair (Bangalore Patriots Society)
    Highlights of the Meeting

  • The Meeting started with a brief invitation by Chairman of Committee and purpose of the meeting. He acknowledged that the role and sacrifices made by the defense personnel. 

  • This was followed by our presentation which lasted about 10-12 minutes.

  • The theme of the presentation was emotional highlighting the courage, bravery and sacrifices of the Armed forces personnel and how this was an affront to the brave soldiers.

  • It also focused on how there was strong support for OROP from all sections of society – citizens, Parliamentary Committees, Political parties etc ( we read out quotes by past PMs and current political leaders who favoured OROP, Supreme Court and the Parliamentary Committee )

  • The Members were in agreement on slides which showed how other countries treated their soldiers in a far more dignified manner than India; and when support of politial parties was assured for OROP
    Feedback from Members

  • There were 3-4 innocuous queries from the Committee to us – about how many veterans will be benefitted ; will civilians officers object etc – which were part answered by Chairman himself and us as per the presentation.

  • P Rajeev and Ram Vilas Paswan were the members who raised queries. Others were quiet and made notes.

  • Before the meeting concluded, Chairman thanked us for a “fine and excellent presentation” that “conveyed out points clearly” and said they will call Veterans, Government and other petitioners to hear their points of view.
    Additional Opportunity

  • We landed an excellent opportunity to interact with the Chairman and Members of the Committee when they joined us for Tea.

  • We spent quality 20 minutes of informal interaction about OROP and related issues with the Members.

  • Chairman Koshyari seemed particularly happy with our presentation and said the Committee is keen to do justice to veterans and will arrive at a consensus on that. He will also be inviting Ex-servicemen, Serving Defense personnel and the Civilian bureaucracy.

  • Nandi Yelliah said there were no issues to implement OROP, except perhaps the financial obligations.

  • Rajeeve said he will support OROP.

  • Ram Vilas Paswan was the most emphatic of the lot. He said “he is aware of the issue and hurdles put by babus who don’t see the bodies of soldiers arriving at Palam”. He said the “Committtee will not make recommendations but ensure fulfillment.”
    What Next
    Anand will brief Lt Gen Kadyan on the meeting details so that they can depose with the knowledge of expectations and the kind of reaction to expect from the Committee. Regards,
    V. Anand
    Principal- Public Affairs,
    Office of Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Member of Parliament


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    IESM Presention to Petition Committee

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    IESM Presention to Petition Committee

    Dear Colleagues,
    The Rajya Sabha Petitions Committee on OROP is in session. We are scheduled to make a presentation in the next week. Sub Hari Singh and Capt Chander Singh continue their membership drive relentlessly, undaunted by the oppressive Hisar heat. Their enthusiasm is exemplary. A letter written to the Defence Minister today is reproduced below.
    Best regards,
    Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
    Chairman IESM

    Terminology 13 May 2011
    Dear Hon’ble Defence Minister,
    I draw your kind attention to the need for using correct terminology in Government communications. In the military, the terms Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs), Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and Other Ranks (OR) have been historically used while referring to personnel of different ranks. The relevant point to be noted is that JCOs and NCOs are also officers though they may not hold the same level of commission as the Class 1 Commissioned Officers. It has been observed that for some time in the past a new term PBOR – Personnel Below Officer Rank – has been coined and is being used in official communication. The term ‘PBOR’ willy-nilly conveys an impression that personnel being alluded to are not officers. This does not fit facts as explained in the preceding paragraph. Use of term ‘PBOR’ arouses strong emotions of protest from the affected veterans. We had taken up the issue with the Army Headquarters and we were assured that the use of term ‘PBOR’ would discontinue. In a recent MoD letter dated 15 Feb 2011 concerning disability pension, the term ‘PBOR’ has again been used. It is requested that keeping in view the sensitivity of the environment and emotive angle involved, use of term ‘PBOR’ may kindly be eschewed in future.
    With regards
    Yours sincerely,
    Lt Gen Raj Kadyan


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