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Indian Military Veterans


Recently, our Naval  veterans  who were discharged on completion of  10 yrs of service  are granted with 


The rate is Rs.9000 - flat for all the Ranks,  like Reservist pension.

Now, we understand that  the Rate is going to be revised as per Ranks and group.

If that is the case, we can refer the OROP table and arrive the rate .

For example, a Sailor of  Y group with 10 yrs of  service will be eligible

for a monthly pension of  Rs.15904  ( 6188 X 2.57 )  as per table 7 of OROP.

Like wise for all the Ranks,

Revised corr PPO may be issued soon..

Let us hope for the best.

Rerence : MOD ltr No; 4 (10 )/2017-D( Pen/ legal)  dated 18-11-2020

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Indian Military Veterans


Some veterans have raised doubt about  the Extended period of 2 yrs  for ENHANCED RATE OF FAMILY PENSION.


Previously , the Enhanced Rate was payable for 7 yrs from the date of death or

Up to the age of 65 yrs of the deceased pensioner which ever falls early. 

Now, our Government has increased the age of retirement from 58 to 60 yrs for Central government  employees  w.e.f  30-5-1998.

Hence, retirement of age for Military service  was also extended by 2 yrs  after this  order.

Due to this, the clause for Enhance Rate of Family pension was amended as

7 yrs after the date of death  or  up to age of 67 yrs of age of the deceased pensioner.

 Mod letter No: 6(1)/99/D(Pen/Ser) dated 18-03-1998. 

Now, those who retired  after this date may have availed this extension of 2 yrs. 

Hence,  all  the post 30-5-1998   retirees  are covered under this rule. 

The families of such  veterans who got their Enhanced Rate of Family pension ,

up to the age of 65 yrs may apply for this 2 yrs extended period. 

They can approach their PDAs with this orders;

Reference:   PCDA circulars:  421, 479, 629 and 630 

All our ESM Associations are requested to guide and help the affected families in their areas.

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PCDA Circular 213

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Indian Military Veterans
PCDA Circular 213
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AFD Items from Online

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Positive news . Afd items of CSD are now online you have to register yourself including cars .process is simplified . 🙏👏

The new url of afd csd portal is

Now that the final site has been started for trial, there will be no
 requirement of URCs to send physical forms to the depots. All users can upload all documents and make payment online and these will be processed at the depots directly. Depot will take upto three working days to process and issue the LS order to the URC. Once received, URC to first swipe the card and make entry into card, verify his documents and handover LS  order to the customer with stamp and signatures of URC manager. Thereafter the customer collects the item from the dealer. 
In case of someone who cannot or does not want to fill online form personally, he can come to URC, URC to fill his form and submit to depot online only. Rest procedure remains same. 
So please stop physical move of forms to depot from 23 Dec. 
For compliance please.
CS Dte.

To All Concerned,

Sir, below is WhatsApp number of CSD HO Helpdesk for Beneficiary:
+91 93216 01308

Below are two additional land line numbers of CSD HO Helpdesk for beneficiary:
(1) 022-35660788
(2) 022-35660764
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JCOs/OR को मिलेगा Full Pension ? Know the real fact and Rules of Army Pension

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Indian Military Veterans

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7th CPC Pay Fixation – Stepping up of Pay – Consolidated Guidelines

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Indian Military Veterans

F.No. 1(12)2020/D(Pay/Services)
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Department of Military Affairs

Dated 19th November, 2020


The Chief of the Arm Staff
Tho Chief of the Air Staff
The Chief of (he Nave Staff

Subject: Stepping up of Pay – Consolidated Guidelines.


I am directed to refer to Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions O.M. No. 4/3/2017-estt (Pay-I) dated 26th Oct 2018 on the above subject. The provisions of the said letter will mutatis-mutandis be applicable to Armed Forces Personnel.

2, This letter issues with concurrence of Defence (Finance) vide their Dy. No. 1(8)/2020-AG/ PA/140 dated 19th November, 2020.

Encl: As above.

Yours Faithfully,

(T Johnson)
Gp Capt
Director (Pay/Services)

7th CPC Pay Fixation: Stepping up of Pay; Consolidated Guidelines by DoPT in view of provisions of CCS (RP) Rules, 2016


Source: Click Here to view/download the pdf

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Recovery of wrongful/excess payments made to Government servants

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Indian Military Veterans

रक्षा लेखा प्रधान नियंत्रक (प.क.) चण्‍डीगढ़
SECTOR-9A, Chandigarh-160009

स॑.संग एवं प/25/RTI/Anil Chandra/329

दिनांक: 17/11/2020


The Officer-In-Charge
Pay Section (Local)

Sub: Recovery of wrongful/excess payments made to Government servants.

A copy of DOPT (OM) dated 02/03/2016 regarding guidelines on recovery of wrongful/excess payments made to government servants is forwarded herewith for circulation the same to all offices and AN-V of Main office.

Encl: As Above.

GO (O&M)

Copy to:-

The Officer-In-Charge
AN-IV (Local) : For information please along with a copy of DOPT (OM) Guidelines dated 02/03/2016.

GO (O&M)

Recovery of wrongful / excess payments made to Government டிவிservants: DoPT OM 2nd March, 2016


Source: Click Here to view/download the pdf

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7th CPC Revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners – Consolidated orders F.N

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Indian Military Veterans


Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G & Pensions
Department of Pension & Pensioners’Welfare

3rd Floor,Lok Nayak Bhawan,
Khan Market,New Delhi,

Office Memorandum

Subject: Implementation of Government’s decisions on the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission – Revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners etc.

The undersigned is directed to say that, in implementation of the decisions taken by the Government on the recommendations of Seventh Central Pay Commission, various orders/instructions/clarifications have been issued by this Department from time to time for revision of pension/family pension, with effect from 01.01.2016, of all pre-2016 pensioners / family pensioners. With a view to facilitate easy access and reference to all the orders/instructions issued in this respect, these orders/ instructions have been consolidated and are enclosed as Annexure. The details of the original OMs/orders have been indicated in the consolidated instructions. These original OMs/orders arc also available on the website of this Department (

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ECHS: Empanelment of Hospital/ Nursing Homes and Diagnostic Centres – DOESW Order Dated 20th November 2020

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Indian Military Veterans
\No. 22B(08)/2020N/E/D(Res-I)
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Dept of Ex-Servicemen Welfare

New Delhi
the 20th November 2020


1. I am directed to state that in terms of the provisions of Govt of India, Ministry of Defence letter– NO. 22B(04)/2010/US(WE)D(Res) dated 18 Feb 2011, 22B(02)/2013/US WE)D(Rs) dated 18 Oct 2013, 22B(02)/2013/US\NE)/D(Res) dated 24 Fab 2015 and 22B(02)/2020MIE/D{Res-1) dated 30 Jan 2020, it has now been decided by the competent authority to upgrade status from Non-NABH/Non-NASL to NABH/NABL Empanelled Hospital which additional facilities of 20 Private Hospitals/Nursing Homes and Diagnostic Laboratories for different specialties and procedures with ECHS as recommended by the 22nd Screening Committees for empanelment of Medical facilities with ECHS in its meeting held on 15 Oct 2020 under the chairmanship of MD ECHS as per the list attached in the Annexure:-

S. No.CityName of HospitalsAnnexure No.
1AmritsarNirmaljot Eye HospitalAnnexure-1
2AmritsarThe Corporate HospitalAnnexure-2
3AmritsarUppal Neuro HospitalAnnexure-3
4BangaloreCytecare Hospital Pvt LtdAnnexure-4
5BangaloreFortis Hospital LtdAnnexure-5
6BangaloreHealthcare Global Enterprises LtdAnnexure-6
7BangaloreManipal Hospitals (A unit of Manipal Health Enterprises Ltd)Annexure-7
8BangaloreMS Ramaiah Memorial HospitalAnnexure-8
9BangaloreVikram Hospital (Bengaluru) Pvt LtdAnnexure-9
10Delhi, PratapganjMax Super Specialty Hospital (A Unit of Balaji Medical & Diagnostic Research CentreAnnexure-10
11GhaziabadYashoda Hospital & Research CentreAnnexure-11


12.JaipurRungta HospitalAnnexure-12
13.JammuBEE ENN General HospitalAnnexure13
14.JammuKamal Nayan Vision CentreAnnexure-14
15.KaithalShah HospitalAnnexure-15
16.MohaIiIndus International Hospital (Unit of Indus Super Specialty Healthcare Pvt Ltd)Annexure-16
17.MysuruJSS Hospital (Run By Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeshwara Medical Services Trust)Annexure-17
18.NawanshahrRaja Diagnostic Centre & HospitalAnnexure-18
19.PathankotAmandeep HospitalAnnexure19
20.RajkotNM Virani Wockhard HospitalAnnexure-20


2. All the terms and conditions including fixation of rates payable to empanelled hospitals will be regulated under Govt of India, Ministry of Defence letter No 22B(04)/201O/US(WE)/D(Res) dated 18 Feb 2011 and amended from time to time.

3. The rates for ECHS Hospital/Nursing Home, Dental Centres and Diagnostic Centres as approved by the Empowered Committee will be as per CGHS rates and will be notified by the Director, Regional Centre ECHS to all concerned including Polyclinics, SEMOs, CDA/PCDA and Central Organization ECHS.

4. Empanelment of CGHS empanelled hospitals is subject to the hospital providing proof of its being a CGHS empanelled facility as on the date of signing MoA with ECHS.

5. CGHS empanelled medical facilities will be empanelled with ECHS for the period for which the facilities hold valid MoA with CGHS. The MoA will be extendable once CGHS renew the MoA with the medical facilities.

6. NABH accredited medical facilities will be empanelled with ECHS for the period of validity of NABH certificate and the MoA will be renewed once the medical facility is issued re-validation/renewed NABH certificate.

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Indian Military Veterans


                                         WORRIED  WIDOW - NO JOINT ACCOUNT

We had, Time and again  advised our veterans  to convert the existing Pension account in to JOINT ACCOUNT  with their spouse .

For  this , JOINT NOTIFICATION  should have been published.

Now, for the last few months , more than 3 veterans have died. All of them  were having  only SINGLE account.

Though the JOINT  NOTIFICATION  was there,  due to this single a/c , their SPOUSE  have to open,   Bank account  for the credit of their pension.  Here, they have to establish the genuineness, that is , wife of so and so.

More over, they have  to submit Documents  like Form 14, Non-Marriage certificate, Widowhood,  Declaration, Descriptive Roll, Aadhar and PAN card  etc.


If there had been Joint account, only a written  intimation along with death certificate will be enough to  change over to Family pension.

Now, the poor WIDOW  has to run,  pillar to post  for getting her pension.


It may take more than 3 months time to get the pension  and the widow has to face the financial hardship  for running the  family.


All our Ex-Servicemen Associations are once requested to  advise  our veterans in their areas  suitably  to have JOINT ACCOUNT  with their spouse.

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Indian Military Veterans



                   Military pensioners
                   Serving  Military personnel.


Recently, it is understood that a New  2 proposals  for Reform in the Military service is expected to be announced soon. 

One is  extension of Retiring Age----and the Rate of pension

TWO…reduction of pension rate from  50% minimum ( cir 568)   to slap rate.


According to this  new proposal,  one has to serve up to the age of 57 yrs.or 35 yrs and more service  to earn full pension

Sepoy to Subedar Major  to earn  full pension.   57 yrs of age  or 35 and above yrs of service  i.e  50% of last drawn basic pay. 

For Officers,  retiring age is according to their Ranks  -  Minimum 57 yrs and maximum  62 yrs.  or 35 yrs and above service  

Anybody retiring/ getting discharged  earlier  than the age of 57 yrs will be treated as PREMATURE  retirement.

The rate of pension  ( percentage ) will be as follows:

Those who  retire between:

20- 25 yrs of service ………50% of the present  rate of pension

26-30 yrs…of service……60% of the present pension

31-35 yrs..of service ...   ..75% of the present pension

36 yrs  and above service   ….Full pension. i.e 50% of last drawn pay.


There will be no change for Battle causality pensioners. 

This information  is from DMA  ( Department of Military Affairs ) under  CDS. 

The final  decision is expected  after 10-11-2020. 

Whether this Rule will be applicable to existing pensioners or NOT  is not known. 

Dear veteran brothers, please be  prepared for this disturbing  information  very soon.

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Indian Military Veterans

Of late, it has come to notice that  the Name and Date of birth of spouse and children  recorded in our service Record(ppo) does not match  with Official records like Matriculation certificate, Date of Birth certificate, Aadhar , PAN cards, Voters ID  & Pass port  etc..

This happening  has put  a great Hardship to the families  after the demise of veterans.

For Example:   Name in Matriculation certificate  - S.Parvathy   but in our Service record/ PPO , it is  PARVATHI.   See the difference   - Initial and  spelling.

As there is difference, the Banks are not switching over to Family pension.

Bank account is opened on the basis of Aadhar and PAN card etc.

Now, the family has to take steps  for correction of  Name by applying to Record Office  with Affidavit/ declaration  with all the available proofs to get a revised PPO which may take  about 6 months to ONE year . Till such time , the widow  will not get pension and face the financial hardship to run the family.


Our veteran brothers are sincerely requested to verify their  PPO immediately and confirm that  the Name and DOB  is same as per SSLC certificate, Aadhar and PAN cards .

If there is any difference, initial/spelling  etc, please take immediate step  for correction/ change  of name/ Date of birth by applying  through ZSB  to your Record Offices for getting a revised PPO .(Cda cir 535)  and as per  procedure of our Three services Advisory Instructions:

Also  confirm that your pension account is converted to JOINT ACCOUNT  with your wife  to avoid delay in switching over to family pension.


Army:       :  A/20105/MP-8 (I OF R) (a) dated 27-01-2014  and 03-04-2018

Navy:        :  DX/ VSF/ 165/15  DATED 18-02-2015

Air Force: : AIR HQ/ 99803/ 30/DAV-III(Adm)

  dated 18-05-2017,19-06-2019 ,27-08-19


All our ESM associations and Orgs are requested to  pass on this message to our veteran brothers  in their areas and guide them in this regard.

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Indian Military Veterans

                                MODEL CALCULATION.- CDA CIR 596

Broad banding  of Disability element is now allowed for all Types of discharge like 
 Release / Discharge or on own request , on completion of Terms and Condition  
 as per CDA cir 596
i.e  from 20%  to 50%,  50% to 75%  and 75% to 100%.

As per CDA cir 582, the existing DE as on 31-12-2015 was to be multiplied by 2.57 
 w.e.f 1-1-2016.
Example   Sepoy  Gtoup Y   QS per OROP  100% DE=3999 X 2.57=10278..

According to Cir 596-   Broad banding  e.g  20% to 50%  w.e.f  1-1-2016.
Example for  -  A Sepoy   Group- Y  QS  15 yrs.   DE 20%.
 Revised Rate Of DE  50%..........10278X  50%-     ......5140.00
Existing  20% of DE  10278X 20%................................2056.00 
                                                  difference................     3084.00 pm.

Arrears from 1-1-2016 to 28-2-2018 will be :

Period    diff DE   DA%  DA   Total  For         Net diff.

Jan.Jun16  3084-   0  -     0     -3084      -6......     ..18504
Jul.dec16   3084-   2      -62   - 3146-     6.....     ...18876
Jan.Jun17  3084   -4 -     124  -3208  -    6...     ....19248
Jul.Dec17  3084-   5 -     155  -3239      -6........    19434
Jan.Feb18 3084   -5  -    155  -3239-      2......        6478  
                                         Total Arrears....            82540.00

Here the Arrears will differ according to Rank, Group and qualifying
service.  Each case will be dealt separately

Note: As per CDA Cir 596, para-6, our PDA itself can revise this
Broad banding . They need not refer  or wait for a revised PPO from PCDA..

Dear Veteran brothers, please help such affected veterans in your area. .
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Indian Military Veterans 


Dear veteran brothers,
You can know your latest pension details on web site: by

You will find :
Pension In formations for defence pensioners.   AND
Defence Accounts Department Welcomes all the Defence pensioners.

You can view your present pension details by giving your Bank Name and Savings Bank account number  under 
DPDO    OR   BANK   format which ever is applicable.

You will receive the details in full.
It is like SUVIGYA  program.

Veterans can utilize this facility  and find if there is any discrepancy.

We thank our AFVAI for giving this information.
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Indian Military Veterans


Dear all,  

On the basis of request from various Pensioners associations and Individuals,  the Government 

has  extended the period of submission of LIFE CERTIFICATE   UP TO 28-02-2021.

All pensioners are to note the same  and submit the Life certificate at the earliest.

Authority:  GOI .Dept of Pension & Pensionwelfare

  No;  18/1/2020-P & PW (H) Vol-III-6786   dated  23-11-2020.

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*Family Pension Eligibility*
1. Un Married Daughter of Ex.Serviceman is Eligible for Family Pension after demise of Ex.Serviceman & His Wife Irrespective of their Age till the Marriage she is Eligible for Family Pension. 
2. Divorced Daughter of Ex.Serviceman also Eligible for Family Pension (Subject to condition she should submit Financial Condition Report)
3. Widow Daughter also Eligible for Family Pension (Subject to condition that she should submit Financial Condition Certificate from Revenue Authorities)
4. Disabled Children of Ex.Serviceman are also eligible for Family Pension...
For Disabled children.
a) Part-II Order is must.
b) you should submit the Disability Certificate from MH or Medical Board and endorsement of Family Pension should be done in the Concern Records through Sainik Welfare Office.... 
5. obtain your monthly pension payment slips from Bank
6. Kindly register your phone number and email & pan card with your Bank Account . You will get pension break up from the month of April/ may
7.. Whenever there is any additional credits or debits like 
a). Payments of Instalments of OROP, 
b). Payment of Arrears under DL-33; 
c). Payment of Arrears of 7th CPC, 
d). DR Arrears etc., Calculated Sheet has to be obtained and whenever there are Debits entries like TDS etc., Form-10 or Form-16 have to be obtained from PDA Bank. 
8. Submit in written to your PDA Bank/Branch that you are a Senior Citizen and the Tax exemption limit is Rs.3 lakhs, accordingly the TDS also will be reduced.
10. Do not forget to convert your pension A/c immediately into Joint A/c (E or S) along with your wife.
11. please take care that family name is notified correctly in PPO and in revenue records like aadhar, pan card etc. If there is any correction please rectify through your record office.
12. Government of India is insisting for joint accounts because of the difficulties faced by widows. If everything is correct Bank will commence widow's pension in the same month itself...
13. Notify family pension in the PPO or any authorised letter from pension sanctioning authority is mandatory for commencing the widow pension. earlier only hand written PPOs are there. kindly notify family pension through your record office. Date of birth of the family and original pensioner should be notified by your record office or PSA.
*Joint Bank Account*
(a). joint accounts are opened such that any one can take pension. either or survivor mode.
(b) it will be very easy for Bank for opening of family pension  
 some pensioners think that if we open joint account everything is finished without noting the name of family pensioner in the ppo Which is not correct.... without notifying the correct name of the spouse the Bank will not give Family Pension (Even joint Account is there in the Bank).
Please note above Points for easy to get Family Pension otherwise its very difficult for widow to get the Family Pension....
Previously After retirement from Armed forces if Ex servicemen joined in state/central Government job then after he retired from that post he will get two Pensions I.e., one from Military side and second one is from Civil side as he is eligible for two pensions but if an Ex servicemen Expired wife (spouse) is eligible only one family pension i.e., Military pension or Civil Family pension either one only eligible.... 
in the year 2013 Government of India (MOD) has issued orders that the wife(spouse) also eligible two family Pensions and CDA Allahabad also issued circular No.504 the widow is eligible both the pensions i.e., Military pension as well as Civil pension with effect from 24th September, 2012. 
Even Now many Ex.Servicemen and widows of Ex.Serviceman  are not Aware of the above rules so kindly give wide publicity among all Ex.serviceman & their families on this...
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No Cut in Pension to Central Govt Employees, Clarifies Finance Ministry Amid Reports

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No Cut in Pension to Central Govt Employees, Clarifies Finance Ministry Amid Reports

The ministry's tweet was also shared by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.
No Cut in Pension to Central Govt Employees, Clarifies Finance Ministry Amid Reports

New Delhi: The finance ministry on Sunday said there will be no cut in pensions to central government employees.

The ministry clarified its position after reports that the government is planning to cut pensions. 

"It is being reported that a 20 per cent cut in central government pensions is being planned. This news is false. There will be no cut in pension disbursements. It is clarified that salaries and pensions will not be affected by government cash management instructions," the ministry said in a tweet.

The ministry's tweet was also shared by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

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TO BE ANSWERED ON 2nd March, 2020



Will the Minister of DEFENCE be pleased to state:

(a) the number of Ex-Servicemen (ESM) organizations recently approved by Government as per the Notification No. 28 (86) 2017/D (Res-1) dated 06 March, 2018;

(b) the criteria for verification of their organizational profile;

(c) whether the National Ex-servicemen Co-ordination Committee (NExCC) is amongst them, if so, the details of data submitted by them; and

(d) the entities registered under the name NExCC and action Government has taken to avoid impersonation of name and logo under the same name (ibid) against the culprits and their collaborators?



(a)  Following four Ex-servicemen Associations have been recognized by Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare:

National Ex-servicemen Co-ordination Committee, Kolkata.
The Disabled War Veterans (India), Delhi
The Air Force Association, Delhi.
The Indian Ex-Services League, Delhi
(b) As per the procedure prescribed in the letter No.28(86)2017/D(Res.I) dated 6.3.2018, Directorate General Resettlement (DGR), an attached office of Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare recommends recognition of Associations after examining the documents such as Memorandum of Understanding, Constitution, Bye Laws, Memberships, Certificate of registration by the Registrar of Societies etc. submitted by the Associations.

READ  OROP Corrigendum Order: Enhancement of Ordinary Family Pension in respect of pre-2006 JCO/OR family pensioners



(c)  Yes, Sir.  The following documents have been submitted by the National Ex-servicemen Co-ordination Committee (NExCC):

a)  Copy of the Constitution.
b)  List of Members.
c)  List of office bearers/Central Committee Members.
d)  Certificate of Registration under Societies Registration Act of 1860.
e)  Registration certificate of various States.
f)   Requisite Certificates/undertakings as below:


Non-acceptance of donation/pecuniary benefits from any concern/entity.
Not to raise issues in the interest of any caste, tribe or religious denominations.
Not to maintain any political fund or lend itself to the propagation of the view of any political party or member of such party.
Not to publish any periodicals, journal, magazines, bulletins etc. without the prior consent of the Government.
Affirming its faith in democratic principles.
(d)  Only one Association under the name National Ex-servicemen Co-ordination Committee (NExCC) which has applied for recognition has been recognized after scrutiny of documents mentioned in reply to (c) above.
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A Stab from the Back on Disabled Soldiers !

, by indianmilitaryveterans

Officers and Soldiers Sacrifice their lives on the lines of duty in the Defense of the Nation. Some get killed and become Martyrs. The lesser lucky ones, get disabled. The totally 'useless any further' get boarded out or get invalidated.

Disabled Soldiers who can still contribute in many ways continue to serve the Nation , do so and retire with Disability pension.

Governments of the past, as a gesture of gratitude to the Disabled Soldiers exempted them from Income tax.

The Government of the day, which claims to be Soldier friendly and uses Armed Forces to their advantage and glory, decided to do away with exemption of Tax benefits to Disabled Soldiers.

The matter went to Supreme Court which put a Stay on Government's decision.

While the Stay is in operation, PCDA Allahabad, the Pension authority issued a letter which is not very clear. SBI , which is the major pension disbursing bank, took note of the PCDA Letter and implemented it.

SBI implemented the taxation policy retrospectively, calculated Tax arrears and deducted the entire pension for the month. To keep the Zero balance Account 'alive' , they credited Rs 100/- in the pension account.

Most of the Disabled soldiers are Not employed being 'Disabled'. The only source of income for their living is their Pension. If sources are to be believed, this may continue till the entire 'so called Tax arrears' are recovered. 

This is the most illogical, inhuman and insensitive action that can be taken by a Government against its Retired and Disabled Soldiers. A thankless nation disowns its veterans who once guarded the nation and became Disabled while doing so.

As a norm, whenever any arrears are to be recovered, not more than one third is recovered in a month on account of subsistence. Do the Government or the Bank want the Veterans to be on the street begging ?? The same question, I ask the CDS, General Bipin Rawat, who was also favouring the decision against Disabled Soldiers .Shameful.

Today's Soldiers are tomorrow's Veterans, some of them will be disabled. How this action of the Government is going to affect the morale of the Serving Officers and Soldiers, God only knows.

Today is the darkest day in my life as a Retired Officer with Disability.

A stab on my back that God knows when it will heal.

Col Ramesh R ( Retd)
29 Feb 2020
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