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The scheme to provide financial assistance to non-pensioner Ex-Servicemen (ESM) in a state of penury was started in year 1981 with an amount of Rs 100/- per month for a period of two years. Thereafter, it was increased to Rs 500/-pm for two years in 2007 and then changed into onetime grant of Rs 30,000/- for life-time. This was revised by the Management Committee of AFFD Fund in Oct 2011 and revised the onetime grant into a monthly grant of Rs 1,000/-.


The aim of this aid gratis is to provide a small measure of relief from total penury to a non-pensioner ESM up to rank of Hav/equivalent and their widow.

Financial Assistance

For Penury is provided at the rate of Rs.4000/- per month (Applicable from 01 Apr 2017) per head for life time from AFFD Fund.

Eligibility Conditions

The eligibility criteria are to be met to avail financial assistance under this scheme are as follows:-

(a) Must be a non-pensioner ESM or his widow.

(b) Should be of rank Havildar/equivalent from the Navy/AF and below.

(c) Should be above age of 65 years.

(d) Should be recommended by respective ZSB and RSB.

(e) Details of bank account (in SBI/PNB only) and IFS Code.

Application Form

Application should be made in given form with recommendation of respective ZSWO & Secretary, RSB on it. A specimen form is enclosed. Copies of the following documents duly attested by ZSWO must accompany the application:-

(a) Service Document/Discharge Book of ESM.

(b) Age proof, if date of birth not given in the Service Document/Discharge Book.

(c) Identity Card of ESM/Widows issued by ZSB.

(d) Details of Bank A/c No (in PNB/SBI only) and IFS Code.

Channel of Application

Applications are required to be submitted by eligible ESM/widows at respective ZSB by 31 Mar or 30 Sep each year. ZSWO will scrutinize these applications and if found in order, forward them with soft copy of their data to concerned RSB. If found meeting QRs, RSB will forward all these applications by last day of the following month to the KSB Sectt for processing.

Processing of Applications

On receipt of applications at the KSB Sectt, these shall be processed by its Welfare Section in order of the date of their receipt. Such applications pertaining to AFFD Fund will be moved for approval of Competent Authority in one lot preferably on a quarterly basis.

Payment Procedure

After approval of the applications by the Competent Authority, the same will be processed for payment in batches of 200 applications by the Section. After verification of data, the Welfare Section will forward the batch list to the Accounts Section for making payments via ECS . The Jt Dir (Welfare) will display payment status of the approved applications on website(

Subsequent Grant

The Penury Grant, once approved by the Competent Authority, stands for life of the approved non-pensioner ESM or the widow. No fresh application will be required thereafter, however beneficiary must submit a 'life certificate' through respective ZSB once a year in the month of December for release penury grant in the following financial year. A specimen form of 'Life Certificate' is placed at Annexure 2 to this document. ZSWO will forward all such Life Certificates in one lot to KSB Sectt, by the following 15 January each year. All the cases of renewal will be put up to JD (Welfare) by 01 Mar, who will in turn obtain approval of Secy,KSB for continuation of the penury grant during next financial year. It may be noted that the financial assistance is non-transferable and will cease automatically upon death of the ESM or widow. It is the responsibility of respective ZSWO to inform the KSB Sectt regarding death of the beneficiary ESM/widow.

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Application Authorization Flow( 400KB )

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It has been known for a while now that all is not well in the Military Secretary's (MS) branch. It has been suspected for some time now that wrapped in secrecy, despite tall claims of transparency, the MS branch utilises the opaqueness to play with careers of officers. Why and at whose bidding, it is not known. But it may vary from case to case. And now it stands utterly and totally exposed. By none other than the Principal Bench of the Armed Forces Tribunal.

The bench of Justice AK Mathur, Chairperson of the Tribunal and the administrative member, Lt Gen SS Dhillon, have blown the lid off one of the worst kept secrets in the Indian Army. That all is not well in the MS Branch and a comprehensive review of how it functions is the need of the hour.

The scathing indictment of the most important branch of the Indian Army, as far as the officer cadre's career is concerned, came as a result of a petition filed by a Brigadier of the Corps of Engineers. Brig VG Gole, of June 1979 seniority, was shocked when he found out that he had not been empanelled for promotion in the selection board held for the rank of Major General in late 2010. As an officer who had been getting consistently good ACRs, he could not fathom why he was not selected.
And then he found out the reason. To his shock he came to know that the IO portion of his most recent ACR has been effaced, or removed from records in the selection process, as a result of which he fell back in the comparative merit. Why? Because of the following explanation given by the respondents when he filed a case in the AFT:

"A reply has been filed by the respondents contesting the position and took resort to a policy decision at Para 137 of Army Order 45/2001/MS which gives them power to efface the assessment if it is found that the ACR of the incumbent is grossly inconsistent or with inflationary/deflationary/ subjective reporting. This effacing could be done after due approval of the Chief of Army Staff. In this case, the ACR was found grossly inconsistent, therefore, IO’s 
assessment was expunged after approval of the Chief of Army Staff".

When the bench called for the records to see if this was true, they found out that this was not so. The decision to efface had been made arbitrarily. The bench found out that:

"We called upon the respondents to produce the original record before us and after perusing the record, we are constrained to observe that the powers exercised by the respondents is arbitrary. We have seen the ACR record of the petitioner from 2006 to 2010 and we find that during this period 
he has earned seven ACRs and has not secured less than 8 marks in any of the qualities mentioned in the ACR. We also found that the IO’s assessment in the ACR from January, 2009 to June, 2009 has been totally effaced. We do not know how much marks were given by the IO but at least we have seen the RO’s assessment in which petitioner was given 8 marks in 5 qualities while in the remaining 12 qualities he has obtained 9 marks. Subsequently, even in the ACR from July, 2009 to November, 2009 he has received almost 8 or 9 marks. From February, 2010 to June, 2010, we find that petitioner has again secured 8 & 9 marks in all the qualities. The explanation given by the respondents is hardly satisfactory. Learned counsel for the respondents has produced before us a minute sheet to justify their stand, but we regret to say that it is a totally arbitrary and if we may say malafide in law also".

The bench found that there was room for investigating into how and why the officer's career had been adversely affected. They asked for the officer responsible to be pinpointed and ordered that the Brigadier be considered afresh for promotion notwithstanding his impending retirement and also imposed a cost of Rs 10,000 on the respondents.

"It speaks volumes that such kind of illegality can be committed against an officer. This is a serious matter and we are constrained to observe that it requires deeper consideration by the higher authority and they should pinpoint the officer responsible who has played foul thereby affecting the career of the officer. We allow this petition and expunge the effacing of the ACR of the petitioner for the period from January, 2009 to June, 2009 given by the IO. The marks should be restored back and petitioner should be reconsidered for promotion to the post of Maj Gen in accordance with rules. The impending retirement will not come in the way of consideration of the petitioner for promotion to the post of Maj Gen. The petition is allowed with cost of Rs 10,000". 

If this is how the MS branch functions and if this is how the Chief of Army Staff goes about rubber stamping the illogical and illegal decisions of MS branch put up to him, then it paints a sad picture indeed of the Army hierarchy. How many such cases may have gone unnoticed in the past? What about the time when the AFT was not there? Such cases would drag on and on and the officer's career be marred for ever by the time he got relief, if any. Criminal, to say the least.

The officer holding the Military secretary's appointment at the time when this particular case took place is answerable to the entire officer cadre of the Army. He should be held responsible and action taken against him for such illegal action. And Chiefs of Army Staff must sign on the dotted line with their eyes open. Regimental loyalties must not come in the way of being fair to those who serve under the COAS. To say the last.


Indian Military Veterans


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Scholarship Notice

ஸ்காலர்ஷிப்  அறிவிப்பு
சிப்பாய் முதல் ஹவில்தார் பதவி வரை இருந்தவர்களுக்கும், அவர்தம் விதவையின் குழந்தைகள் இருவருக்கும் முதல் வகுப்பு முதல் கல்லூரி படிப்பு வரை கல்வி உதவி தொகை ரூ.1000 (ஸ்காலர்ஷிப்) பெற கேந்திரிய சைனிக் போர்டு இக்கு அனுப்ப இதுதான் சமயம்.  அனைவரும் விண்ணப்பம் அனுப்ப வேண்டும். பள்ளியில் மதிப்பெண் சான்றிதள் பெற்று என்ற இணைய தளம் மூலம் அனுப்பவேண்டும். உதவி தேவை படுவோர் Exservicemen welfare association, Kadayanallur தொடர்பு கொள்ளவும்.  மதிப்பெண் ஏதும் கிடையாது.  முந்தய வகுப்பில் தேர்ச்சி பெற்றிந்தால் பொதும்.  சான்றிதள் இணைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. பயன்படுத்தி கொள்ளவும்.  இந்த செய்தியை அனைவரும் பகிர்ந்து பயன் பெறவும்.         

Scholarship Notice

This is the time to send to the Kendriya Sainik Board for the scholarship of Rs.1000 (scholarship) for the first Standard to last-year college students from the Sepoy  to Havildar ESM and their widow's children. Everyone must send the application. The candidate should get a certificate from the web site

Please contact Exservicemen welfare association,Kadayanallur. There is no score value. Preliminary Class Pass is enough. Please use it. Share this message with everyone.

Former soldiers (ESM) who have not been pensioned for age 65, and his widows at Rs 4,000 per month

65 வயதிற்கு பெறப்பட்ட, பென்சன் இல்லாத முன்னாள் படை வீரர்களுக்கும், அவர் தம் விதவைகளுக்கு ம்  மாதம் ரூ.4000 பென்சன் பெற கேந்திரிய சைனிக் போர்ட்டு இணைய தளத்தின் மூலம் ( விண்ணப்பம் அனுப்ப வேண்டும். இந்த பென்சனுக்கு "PENURY GRANT" என்று பெயர்.  இந்த செய்தியை பாதிக்க பட்டவர்களுக்கு தெரிவிக்கவும் மேலும் உதவி தேவை படுவோர் Exservicemen welfare association, Kadayanallur தொடர்பு கொள்ளவும்  MOBILE:9842766239.  நம்பிக்கையுடன் விண்ணப்பம் அனுப்பினால் கண்டிப்பாக பென்சன் கிடைக்கும்.  இந்த செய்தியை பென்சன் இல்லாத ஏழை படை வீரர் விதவைகளுக்கும் தெரிவிக்கவும்.

The applicant should have to send an application through the Kendriya Sainik Board website ( to get a pension of Rs 4000. This pennon is named "PENURY GRANT". For more information, please contact the Exservicemen welfare association, Kadayanallur contact MOBILE: 9865811526. If you send the application with confidence, you will get a Pension. Tell the widow of the poor soldier who does not have a pension.

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