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Servic Pension (PBOR)

                             Servic Pension (PBOR)

Weightage for calculation of pension of PBORw.e.f. 1.1.2006 for pre-2006 retirees:

Any PBOR who has rendered a minimum service of 15 years is entitled for service pension. He is also entitled for retirement gratuity.

For Non-Combatants (Enrolled), the minimum qualifying service will be 20 years.

Anybody with a minimum service of 5 years but less than 15 years is entitled for service gratuity ONLY and NOT entitled for pension.

Service pension is NOT admissible if the PBOR is dismissed from service under Army Act (except at the discretion of the President).

For Pre-2006 PBOR, Service pension is based on the rank and group held by the individual for the last ten months. In other words, one has to hold the rank & group for ten months to be able to get pension for that rank & group.

Full pension for pre-2006 PBOR will be granted if the qualifying service including weightage is 33 years or more.

For post-2006 PBOR, condition for grant of full pension with 33 years service has been dispensed with from 1.1.2006.

Sepoys and equivalent ranks         -  10 Years
Naiks and equivalent ranks            - 8 Years
Havildars and equivalent ranks       - 6 years
Nb Subedar, Subedar & Sub Major - 5 years

No weightage is admissible for Territorial Army personnel.

No weightage will be given for DSC personnel, if they are already in receipt of one pension.

The benefit of adding years as weightage for computation of pension to post- 2006 PBOR pensioners stands withdrawn from 1.1.2006.


With effect from 1.1.2006, minimum pension / family pension is Rs 3500/- per month. Dearness relief as notified from time to time is also admissible in addition.

Service pension in respect of pre-2006 PBOR for 33 years of qualifying service is calculated at 50% of maximum of the scale of pay including highest classification allowance corresponding to the last rank/pay group held continuously for the last 10 months before the date of discharge.

Service pension in respect of post-2006 PBOR is worked out as 50% of emoluments last drawn or average of emoluments drawn during last 10 months preceding discharge. The emolument for determining pension includes pay in the pay band, grade pay, 'X' Group pay (where applicable), Military service pay and whole of classification allowance, if any, last drawn.

Revised rates of pension w.e.f. 1.7.2009 in respect of pre-2006 PBOR pensioners has been notified vide Govt letter dt.8.3.2010 (available on www. as per which-

All pre 1.1.2006 PBOR retirees have been brought on par and their pension will be uniform w.e.f. 1.7.2009.

The revised pension w.e.f. 1.7.09 is determined as follows:

Maximum of scale of pay x 1.86 + 50% of highest classification allowance
+ MSP + 'X' Group pay, if any = Notional pay

Notional pay /2 = Revised pension w.e.f. 1.7.09 (for full qualifying service
of 33 years)

 For lesser QS, pension will be reduced proportionately.

Note :
a) The above revision is required to be carried out by the Pension Disbursing Agencies themselves (in respect of pensioners whose QS is 15 years or more).
b) Cases where QS is less than 15 years, War Injury pension cases and Territorial Amry cases, have to be referred to the Pension Sanctioning Authority through Annexure A or B, as the case may be.
c) Cases of existing pension mismatch (ie., where the existing pension does not match with the pension sanctioned authority has to be referred to the Pension Sanctioning Authority (duly quoting original PPO number).

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