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Inderjit Singh letter dated Jun 2, 2012 (1 day ago) to Satbir SM- IESM
Dear Gen Satbir Sir,
To begin with I must apologize for not responding to your fascinating mail educating me about the definition of OROP You know it is not even funny you guiding the author of OROP about what he has been fighting for for the last 30 years. Even if late i will try to salvage the OROP from the damage you people have done to the very cause of the VETERANS and OROP by your great deeds you have indulged in for achieving your political ambitions. Any way I must congratulate you for achieving great successes towards your political ambitions. You managed to get Congress defeated in Punjab and elected in Utrakhand. If OROP goes to Hell who cares. Now I must tell you it is not me who is messing up the matter, on the contrary it is your team of worldly wise friends who messed up the matter three years ago, by meddling into OROP without being able to comprehend what it actually is and continue to do so even now.
Definition of OROP
I am glad that you have repeated the definition of OROP. The OROP means same pension for same rank for same length of service irrespective of date of retirement. This also covers the perpetuity aspect which means that any future increases in pension are automatically passed on to the past pensioners, a matter that you have been misinterpreting as annual increments in Pensions.This is what my definition also says with add ons to ensure that the bureaucrats are not in a position to have our submissions rejected summarily on account of the bloated figures of expenditure involved on account of these issues. These add ons have evolved over a period of time to respond to every new invention of the bureaucrats in their attempts to have our submissions rejected.
This however does not cover your desperate desire to get us annual increments on pensions as per the annual increments of salary given to the serving soldier of the same rank, Nor does it cover increase in pension of a Maj Gen or for that matter any rank even if the present is getting less than an individual of lower rank.
It means that first we achieve the objective of same rank same pension irrespective of date of retirement and irrespective of what he is getting. Whether it is less than lower rank or more is not the concern yet. Once OROP is achieved then we see whether what we got is right or it needs a change for the better. Not before that.
As you well understand, I hope, that the pensions are dependent upon the salary and unless the salaries are increased the pensions can not be increased. Getting the salaries increased does not fall within the domain of Veterans, whosoever it may be and whatever rank he may have held. This is the prerogative of the Chiefs to take it up and not that of the Veterans. You people have assumed unto yourself the duties of a serving Chief under the pretext of OROP. Please leave something for them to do also.
The first thing you have gone wrong is that you have exceeded your brief as a Veteran. Please do course correction expeditiously and before you do any more damage. Talk only about same rank same pension and not increase in the pension of a major general because it effects you personally. I do however appreciate your hurt feelings for getting less pension than a Brigadier. I assure you that we have got tis point on our agenda and will work to sort your problem out too, but after we have got you all OROP. OK? My humble request please do not confuse the matter for now.
Lt Col (Retd) Inderjit Singh
All India Ex-services Welfare Association

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