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LATEST MTG WITH THE RM BY UFESM/IESM STALWARTS-SEEMS ENCOURAGING(The latest on OROP and other ESM issues from the Raksha Mantri Shri Parrikar via Wg Cdr CK Sharma)

Indian Military Veterans
A 3 member IESM Delegation had a meeting with Shri Manohar Parrikar, RM, at 1845hrs on 15th June 2016 to discuss status of grant of full OROP and various other matters concerning welfare of Ex Servicemen of India.
The Delegation consisted of:

Maj Gen Satbir Singh Chairman, IESM
Hon Lt K Pande Member, Governing Body, IESM
Wg Cdr CK Sharma Treasurer, IESM

It was an extremely warm, proactive, cordial and positive meeting.
Maj Gen Satbir Singh said that IESM, the prime movers of the peaceful and democratic protest at Jantar Mantar, is fully aware that it was the PM, the Finance Minister and the Raksha Mantri who, after 43 years, have finally granted the award of One Rank One Pension to the ESM of India. At Jantar Mantar, we have always made a point of emphasizing this. What the huge number of ESM who regularly visit JM were asking for was not money but for restoration of the IZZAT of the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force that has seen a continuous down-gradation over the last 67 years. They sought INSAAF of the wrongs done to the Defence fraternity more than anything else!

This was virtually the first time in the history of this Nation that we had a hands-on Raksha Mantri who was not only aware of problems of ESM but was fully capable of understanding and sorting out all their problems.

Team-IESM said that the OROP award of 7th November 2015 had four specific anomalies that we would request the RM to look into and resolve.

A very cordial discussion took place thereafter where RM assured us that even though the Reddy Committee has been given a 6-month extension, this does NOT mean that its final report would be submitted in December but that it may get submitted well before the expiry of the extension period.

The four anomalies, and various implications and ramifications if these were to be resolved, were discussed. With his permission, Team-IESM brought out the following problems currently being faced by the Veer Naris and ESM:

1. WIDOWS who had not yet received the arrears of OROP: The RM assured that all necessary orders have already been passed by him regarding this. RM emphasized that it was incumbent on the ESM around the widows to make them understand what their dues were and to make sure the Banks honoured those dues quickly. If there are any cases of negligence by any particular Bank, the matter should be brought to his notice and he would take immediate steps to rectify the errors of the particular Bank.

2. HONORARY RANK EMOLUMENTS: It is necessary that Court orders on the subject need to applicable to all Honorary Rank holders across the board and this needs to be expedited for execution on the ground level.

3. BROAD BANDING: The RM said that the Finance Ministry had raised some queries that are being tackled and answered. We suggested that the Court awards must be made applicable to all and not just the litigants/ petitioners.

4. 33 YEARS CASE: RM said that orders on this have already been finalized. Care was being taken to ensure that the associated tables, especially for Other Ranks and JCOs, were prepared error-free and with the least amount of inaccuracies.

5. ARREARS OF 2006: RM said that all orders regarding this have already been issued and if any discrepancies in execution were noted, these must be brought to his notice at the earliest.

6. DEFINITION OF OROP: Team-IESM requested that the definition of OROP, as enunciated by the RRM on 2nd December 2014 should be adhered to. The actual definition is: “Uniform pension be paid to Armed Forces personnel retiring in the same rank with the same length of service irrespective of their date of retirement and any future enhancement in the rates to be automatically passed on to the past pensioners.” The incorrect definition given to Reddy Committee needs to be aligned with that.

7. RESOLUTION OF THE PENSIONS OF MAJORS. This was discussed again and RM requested to kindly take a favourable decision on it.

8. 7th PAY COMMISSION: It was clarified by the RM that the 7th PC would be applicable to all ESM above and beyond the award of OROP.

9. REDDY COMMITTEE: RM said that all points that were submitted by IESM for the Reddy Committee had been forwarded to it and very soon, Justice Reddy can be expected to call IESM for a discussion on them.

The RM suggested that all the above non-OROP points should be sent to him in writing to enable him to obtain the exact position. He would then call the IESM Team for another discussion on these, as soon as possible. This will be done very soon.

The meeting came to an end with the RM assuring that not only was he fully aware of all problems being faced by ESM but that he, under the Prime Minister, had full intentions of resolving these at the earliest.

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