Monday, 6 February 2017

7th Pay Commission - Briefed by Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)

Indian Military Veterans
Dear Veterans ,
   I have been seeing the so called approval of pay and allowances of serving soldiers by PMO in Whasapp in the last few days.
   Let us analyse whether there could be any truth in these tables.
    Whenever such approvals are finalised by PMO, the file goes back to Min of Fin duly approved. Generally the Cabinet decides on these issues as it is the one which approved the recommendations of 7th CPC. Then the file goes to Min of Def which who issues a press statement to Press Information Bureau for disseminating to the environment approval of higher pay and pensions to the Defence Services personnel.
    The Election Commission instructed the Govt of India not to announce any schemes in the poll bound states till end of elections in Mar 2017 to ensure voters are not influenced.
  The states of Punjab, Uttarkhand and UP have sizeable population of ESMs and Family Pensioners who are likely to be influenced by such improvements in pensions and pay.
    The Committee on Anomalies on Allowances has not yet submitted its report to the Govt of India. Hence approval of allowances as mentioned in the Table cannot true.
   Pension fixation by Increment Method suggested by 7th CPC is not yet finalised as to how to implement this method as records of old pensioners are destroyed. Unless you have the number of increments drawn in the last rank, Increment Method of Pension fixation cannot be carried out.
   The committee presided over by the Finance Secretary on Minimum pay in 7th CPC have not yet submitted their report whether 2.57 is to be accepted or is it going to be enhanced by which minimum pay of newly joined employee in Central Govt goes up from recommended Rs 18000 by 7th CPC to 21,000 or 26,000 as demanded by Central Govt Employee Unions.
   Secondly One Man Judicial Committee of Justice L Narasimha Reddy submitted his report to the Min of Def. Unless that report is either approved or rejected or modified, pensions in 7th CPC cannot be finalised. If OROP pension figures are changed to the higher side then pensions in 7th CPC will go up. The pay of serving soldiers also has to be adjusted accordingly.
    It is not a simple issue. Pay of serving soldiers and pensions of retired persons have always been linked to the principle that pension is half of Last Pay Drawn. Therefore if Justice Reddy's Committee is approved and pensions in OROP goes up the pay of serving soldiers has to be accordingly fixed. Otherwise you have the problem of Pensions of Lts and Capt will be fixed as per pension of Hony Lt and Hony Capt.
    Unless SAI is issued fixing the pay of serving soldiers pensions cannot be finalised. Remember for Officers pension is always 50% of Last Pay Drawn at Minimum of Fitment Table of SAI which is yet to be issued.
  I guess it is the handiwork of Dirty Tricks Dept of BJP to influence ESM voters in Punjab, Uttarkhand and UP. Or it could be one of our own veterans who enjoy making fool of others by some silly tables.
warm regards,
Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)
94931 91380     

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