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 I do understand our MHs are overburdened, understaffed, given less budget, supplied inadequate quantities of medicines by AFMSDs, Local Purchase (LP) powers of Commandants MHs have been curtailed and getting approval of IFA to do LP of urgent medicines has caused further delays in getting even life saving drugs through LP. We hate to confront a problem and try to push it under the carpet for our successor to resolve it.
      I totally endorse your views on the need to overhaul ECHS system to provide best medicare to ESMs and Family pensioners who gave their youth for the Nation. 
      There is a need to overhaul ECHS system as it is proved beyond doubt empanelled hospitals are only interested to inflate the bills. This is because ECHS payment is delayed by a year and in some cases by two years. Who will wait that long to get their payments? Some of the reputed corporate hospitals denied admission as ECHS did not pay their long standing bills. Now a days Corporate hospitals pays their specialists salary ranging between Rs 2 to 5 laksh per month. They employ thousands of para medical and administrative staff. Who will pay their monthly salaries? They have to recoup medicines consumed by in – patients. The budgets of such hospitals has gone beyond our imagination.
     Most of our military hospitals have adequate land. Why those lands cannot be utilised in stations with huge Ex-Servicemen population to have ECHS hospitals constructed, staffed by civil doctors, para medical staff and administrative staff on contract basis like Medical Specialist & Dental Surgeon in ECHS Polyclinic?
     Why can not our MHs, Comd Hospitals, R & R Hospitals have civil doctors on contract basis. The colonial system handed over by Britishers needs to be thoroughly analysed and changed for the better.
    Our military hospitals are woefully short of manpower and latest medical equipment.
    Life is very precious.
    Even serving fraternity should be sent to Empanelled Hospitals in Emergencies if the MH does not have specialists and necessary medical equipment or medicines. The usual service custom of sending him to Comd Hospital/ Base Hospital / R & R hospital is a British system as medical facilities were not yet developed in the civil society in those days.  
    o a Corporate hospital if such facilities are not available in the service hospitals.
     Now with corporate hospitals mushrooming even in Tier II and Tier III towns, there is a need to develop ECHS hospitals with best medical equipment in a phased manner to cover most of the States and UTs in the country.
  The cost of ECHS hospital appears to be very high in the beginning but if these are built over a period of 20 years then there will be no need for going to Empanelled hospitals.
    From the time,  a number of veterans posted experience of other veterans who were denied medical treatment by the same Empanelled hospitals on the plea that they do not have bed. Yet no action seems to be taken against such irresponsible hospitals.
    A long term solution needs to be found lest more such untimely deaths take place.
    Deaths of veterans should not be a mere statistics.

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