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The military government of the Telangana welfare office, former soldiers and modernization of the registration details The former soldiers , their family members, welfare for the military to the welfare office, the Telangana government has been formed. Sainikodyogulu Army, Navy, and Air Force, who retired from the documents associated with the military welfare department, after consultation with the former soldiers are given the names of the registered identity card. In the Middle Ages it was something that the former soldiers so far in their district, their names and military welfare office registered in. Therefore, the Union and the State Government gives the advantages and benefits to former soldiers not to caress gamanincatamainadi. Arhata with the former soldiers, our main commitment is to get the benefits. Each of the former soldier of the Office for the District of welfare in the names of the registered modernization (update) to make. Many former soldiers at a young age retirees from bayatakuvastaru amphibious forces. Married while in service or after retirement. But that their family members are not ceyincukovatamu registered in the Records Department. Because of this, unfortunately, a former soldier who died in the former yadala pension granted to the widow of the soldier will be much delay. Some former soldiers who retired from service during or after the birth of a child not to record the names of those who are missing out on ravalisina educational reservation and scholarship. Some of the Aadhaar card or PAN card registration cesukunnaperu occur in the name of the bank account, the difference with the presence of the delay is due to the economic advantages andincatamulo.

The most important thing that can be observed ex- soldiers before retiring to a single account in the bank and a joint akauntterustaru. But their pension is coming in a single account. The former soldier's death to find that the bank account for the pension to the widow again wrote to the Office of Military Records teppencutaku their pension for at least 6 months to a year to take time. So the former soldiers from all the pension pondutunnatuvanti bank account, a joint account with his wife's name that should be encouraged marpincu. In order to occur only with the name of the wife of tamari pension payment to the bank account can be registered as the joint. In view of the above reasons have been communicated to the military government of the Telangana Welfare Department in each district to establish a memorandum of understanding sadassulukuda former soldiers teliyajeyacunnaru identity card and a wide variety of benefits. In addition, the pension related issues to meet State Bank of India, State Bank of Hyderabad and other bank Problems with the pension and the pension arrangement covering the Adalat. One of the former soldiers or their widows Registration identity card in the past pondi are in their district, they also noted the following documents with the military welfare officer and handed the credentials are encouraged to be able to modernize.

These documents also can be sent by post.
A) Discharge Certificate / Certificate of Service
B) Pension Payment Order
C) adar card
D) First Page kansild check or bank pass book
E) Passport size photographs ( 04)

Former soldiers and their email account, open an email account name and mobile number of their district, the military welfare office to provide a route. This means that incoming raw yitila eppududappudu them about the e-mail or SMS will be notified by this. The former soldier , 31 March 2017 sent to the modernization of their deed to be kogalaru administer it. Colonel P. Ramesh Kumar Manager Army Welfare Office Telangana ============================================ REGISTRATION WITH SAINIK WELFARE DEPARTMENT AND GET THEIR DOCUMENTS UPDATED AND COMPUTERISATED The Sainik Welfare Department, the Welfare of Ex-servicemen: After Telangana looks and their dependents. The Ex-Servicemen, ie the retired personnel from Army, Navy and Air Force are provided with an Identity card by Sainik Welfare Department immediately after retirement on production of their retirement documents. It has come to the notice of Sainik Welfare Department, Govt of Telangana that some Ex-Servicemen are still not registered or are not updated their documents with the Sainik Welfare Department due to which the benefits due from State and Central Government are not reaching them. Most of the Ex-Servicemen retire young and the names of their wife and children are not updated in the documents at the time of retirement due to which their widows have to do extensive documentation after the death of Ex-Servicemen to get family pension. Similarly, the names of children are also not updated due to which it becomes difficult to provide reservation in education and scholarships. It is also seen that there are discrepancies such as spelling mistakes in the names of the wife and children due to which they are facing severe hardship at the time of sanctioning family pension and other benefits. Similarly their names are not matching with Aadhar card or PAN card due to which their pension claims are getting delayed. The Ex-Servicemen open one Single account and one Joint Account in Bank at the time of retirement. A large number of cases have come to notice where the Pension accounts of Ex-Servicemen are single accounts and the same account number is mentioned in Pension Payment Order. The Joint account becomes inoperative after six months or so due to which the widows do not get their pension immediately after the death of the Ex-Servicemen. The ageing and ailing widows have to do extensive documentation after the death of the Ex-Servicemen and their pension gets delayed for a number months and at times even years. The Office of Director Sainik Welfare and Zilla Sainik Welfare Offices have resolved a number of such cases in the last 2 years. The Director Sainik Welfare has also taken up the issue with Army HQs and they have issued orders to all Army units. All ex-servicemen are requested to get their Single Pension accounts converted into Joint accounts as per the name of the wife in Pension Payment Order. Sainik Welfare Department has been conducting a number of Camps all over the State educating the Ex-Servicemen and their dependents on the above aspects. Sainik Welfare Department has also conducted Pension Adalat to resolve the pension related grievances with banks such as State bank of India and State Bank of Hyderabad. Action in hand to conduct similar Pension Adalat with other hands. All the Ex-Servicemen and widows of Ex-servicemen who have not registered themselves with Sainik Welfare Department are requested to visit the office of their Regional / Zilla Sainik Welfare offices and get themselves registered by providing one copy each of the following documents alongwith original for verification: a) Discharge Book / Service Particulars. b) Pension Payment Order (Only for Pensioners). c) Aadhar card d) Cancelled Cheque or First page of the Bank pass book. e) Passport size Photograph (04) Those Ex-Servicemen or widow who have registered earlier but not provided these documents are also requested to provide these documents so that their records are updated. They can also send the documents by post to their Zilla Sainik Welfare Office or to the Director, sainik Welfare, Sainik Aramghar Complex, Near Yashoda Hospital, Somajiguda, Hyderabad. All Ex-servicemen are also requested to open an email account and submit their email ID and Mobile number to the Zilla Sainik Welfare Department so that all important information may be sent to these though mail and SMS. Director Sainik Welfare, Hyderabad has now computerised the records of Ex-Servicemen so that benefits can be provided efficiently & by faster means. REGISTER online by visiting the ESM can now wwwtelanganasainikorg They can also apply online for grants applicable to Them. I request the Cooperation of all Ex-Servicemen and their dependents in updating their records so that the benefits applicable to them may be provided to them faster and in an efficient manner. They can visit the Office of Regional / Zilla Sainik Welfare Officer on any working between 10.30 AM and 5 PM and submit their documents for updation or registration. All old case will be entertained till 31 March 2017. May I request your kind cooperation to kindly publish suitable article an all editions of news papers in the State so that maximum number of Ex-Servicemen and their dependents are benefited. DIRECTOR SAINIK WELFARE (Source- Via Gp e-mail)

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