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I keep getting the same question again and again. What is my pension?

The difference of various type of pensions are given below: Let us take the Last Pay Drawn (Matrix pay + Military Service Pay) of say Havildar is Rs 36,000 per month. With this, let us understand how the Ex-Serviceman will get various type of pension

Service Element of Pension

To earn pension JCOs / OR are to serve for a minimum period of 15 years.


For personnel from Administrative Trades they should serve for minimum period of 20 years.


Service Chiefs are authorized to condone shortage of service by one year in exceptional cases.


Officers are to serve for a minimum period of 20 years


Pension is 50% of Last Pay Drawn.

Pension of Havildar

 = 0.50 x 36000 =

Rs 18,000 + Dearness Relief.

Old Age Pension

Old Age pension is 20% of Last Pay Drawn (Matrix Pay + MSP) if he is 80 years and less than 85 years.

If age is between 85 and less than 90 years = 30%


If age is between 90 years and less than 95 years = 40%


If age is between 95 and less than 100 years = 50%


If age is 100 or more years of age = 100%


Dearness relief is also authorized on old age pension.

Disability Element for Disabled Soldier

Disabled soldier gets two elements.

One is service element for the number of years of service put in.

Second one is the Disability Element for the disability sustained which is attributed or aggravated by military service.

Disability should be minimum 20%

Broad banding is given to all disabled soldiers w.e.f. Jan 2016 vide Circular 596 of PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad

20 to 49%   -   50%

50 to 75%   -   75%

75% and above – 100%

Disability Element (DE) is 30% of Last Pay Drawn for 100% Disability.

DE of Havildar who is given 50% Disability  = 36000 x 0.30 x 0.50 =

Rs 5,400 pm + Dearness Relief

If percentage of disability is 75%, then

DE = 36000 x 0.75 x 0.30 = Rs 8,2100 + Dearness Relief  per month

If percentage of disability is 100% then

DE = Rs 36000 x 0.30 = Rs 10,800 + Dearness Relief per month


War Injured Element (WIE) if solider is Retained in Service

If a soldier is injured in war or war like operations, he is given war injury element (WIE). There are two type of war injury elements.

One is WIE if the soldier is retained in service , then WIE is 60% of Last Pay Drawn for 100% disability

WIE for Havildar Retained in Service and whose Last Pay Drawn is Rs 36,000 is = 0.60 x 36000 = Rs 21,600 pm + Dearness Relief per month


If a soldier is not retained in service and invalided from Service , then WIE is 100% of Last Pay Drawn for 100% disability

WIE of Havildar Invalided= Rs 36000 + Dearness Relief per month

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